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ok, its time to introduce two new bloggers to the sprite stitch family! (if you scroll back you’ll see some posts by them) Let’s all welcome Holly and Nintandrew!!

I did a short interview of sorts to let you know a little bit about each of them…

1. What is your craft of choice?

Holly: Perler beads, definitely. I like to do crafts in general but I’ve only done video game artwork with Perler and Hama beads.

Nintandrew: My craft of choice is cross stitching.

2. What was your favorite video game experience in your past?

Holly: My sisters and I weren’t particularly close until I was an adult and I remember inviting them over to my new apartment once I turned eighteen, to scream profanity at the TV during a massive Perfect Dark session. My male 26 year old roommates look terrified. It was a real bonding experience for us. We hadn’t been in the same room playing video games like that since Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I love that memory.

Nintandrew:  probably playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES in the workout room in my aunt and uncle’s house.

3. What is your favorite project that you have completed?

Holly: Uh oh that’s one hard question. My favorite?!? Hm maybe my Mega Man 9 Boss Select Screen on my wall. Also, the Know Your Shrooms mycology chart I was proud of ’cause it was so original and I made it up as I went along.

Nintandrew:  My favorite completed project is probably my portal shirt, but once it’s done, my favorite will definitely be my epic pokemon project.


4. What are your top 3 video games?

Holly: Fallout 3 (I call it my new digital boyfriend), Diablo II LOD (my ex digital boyfriend of seven years, lol), American McGee’s Alice (my on again off again mistress)

Nintandrew:  Bioshock (PS3), Portal (PC), Microsoft Flight Simulator X (PC)

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