Zelda fan art

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Zelda, Zelda, Zelda! Here is some great art work, as collected by it8bit on tumblr. Link by Andy Fairhurst Ocarina of Time by Gaby Zermeño In the Face of Death (Mountain) by  Travis English Hero of Winds by Gabe Telepak via[it8bit]  

Zelda cosplay

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I have decided that it’s Zelda week here at Sprite Stitch. Why? Why not? Here are some recent Zelda cosplays, via deviantART: [1–2–3–4–5]

Crocheted Zelda outfit

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AngelAndChangeling, over at DeviantArt, handmade this costume. She says, “I completely crocheted the costume, except for the tights and some non-yarn components necessary for function. I was Zelda from Skyward Sword in her Wing Ceremony outfit.” I love that she … Continued

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