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  1. AMAZING! I am going to do lil mac for my boyfriend 🙂

  2. Hey!

    Imagine my suprise finding my work on here ;). It’s true, almost finished… I am working on the red Nintendo sign now, and then it’s just the white left. I am on hiatus right now… It’s blistering hot here, and I find sweaty hands and cross stitching do not mix… So it should be end of september/october and then I’ll be done. I’ll let you know!


    PS, it’s just me doing the stitching, Henk (in the Flickr name) has nothing to do with this ;).

  3. i am in complete awe. i wonder how many hours was put into it.

  4. Stay tuned… I just finished up the Nintendo Logo, and am now filling in the white. I have no idea about the amount of hours or weeks… but stitching the red border around the logo, the top or bottom end, one row took me about an hour… with all the switches in color (not many, thank heavens), I’d say about 200 hours…

  5. that is awesome! I am currently working on this project 😀 hope mine looks as good as yours! I will certainly post some pics once it looks a little more complete

  6. can’t wait to see it!!

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