Sunday Roundup!

Published by: Lord Libidan

It’s back! And now curtsey of me 😀

This is just a few choice projects posted this week in the forums, hope you enjoy!

First up Novembers challenge “Game Items” winner:

Magnetic Katamari Ball – Laialda

Bobomb Love by LizzyStitches

Potted Piranha Plant by RAWRmonster

Chain-Chomp Skateboard Deck by Jesse James Artwork (His first post too!)

Plush Luma Ornaments by 8bitmomma (Well it is Christmas afterall…)

This is only a tiny sample, so check out the forums for tons more projects.

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5 Responses to “Sunday Roundup!”

  1. mooncalfmakes Says:

    Great round-up – thanks for doing this!

  2. RAWRmonster Says:

    Great work by everyone! Thanks for featuring me. 😀

  3. Saiyacookie Says:

    These plush luma ornaments are absolutely adorable!

  4. 8BitMomma Says:

    OHMYGOSH I love all of these. And thanks for featuring me! 😀

  5. Jadely Says:

    Great to see the roundup back!

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