Piston Honda Cross Stitch Completed…

Published by: johloh


piston012.pngPiston Honda Completed 2…


See post below for the patterns…

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8 Responses to “Piston Honda Cross Stitch Completed…”

  1. Lauren Says:

    this is fabulous!!! :)

  2. Benjamin Says:

    That is fantastic! I had this idea last Christmas, but never acted on it. I had a bunch of ideas that never made it past the planning stages.

    Well, actually I was going to go with King Hippo or Soda Popinski, but there are no wrong choices when it comes to Punch-Out!!

  3. Joe Says:

    This is a GREAT piece! All of that red must have taken you FOREVER!!

  4. johloh Says:

    it did! and I hated it! bleh….

  5. johloh Says:

    also, how many of my new pieces have had colored backgrounds? ha. I learned my lesson.

  6. metsker Says:

    how big is that?
    do you think this pattern work if i tried it as a latch hook design?

  7. johloh Says:

    metsker – its 82 x 79 stitches. im sure it would work as latch hook, I dont see why not…

  8. Wow... Says:

    Oh my god! Thats AMAZING! Really should steal your work and use them as earrings *grins*

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