Pacman Holes Ring

Published by: Lord Libidan

This is screaming out for someone to backstitch it. Imagine how good it would look…

Via [Etsy] $60.00

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5 Responses to “Pacman Holes Ring”

  1. Mars Says:

    It looks more like Space Invaders to me… But it WOULD look amazing if it were stitched!

  2. ShezCrafti Says:

    The pattern shown in this image is Space Invaders, not Pac-Man. I’m confused — is Pac-Man on the other side, not shown from the angle in this photo? Or a different ring altogether?

  3. mw Says:

    There is a Pac-Man one available… but this isn’t it.

  4. Lord Libidan Says:

    Uh, yeh. Oops. 😛
    I was looking at the pacman one, but last minute decided to go with space invaders.

  5. Starrley Says:

    That’s funny! When I first looked at it this morning, I thought, “That’s the worst Pacman I’ve ever seen!” 😀

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