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  1. Now that is cool

  2. Love the site. I’ve made three pixel quilts (2 mushrooms, and a black mage) so I know how they can be addictive. Very neat blog.

  3. stephanie – thanks! do you have any pictures of your quilts? email them over if you do!

  4. Wow, that does look awesome. At least now I know what it will look like once completed. I can’t say I’m close to finishing though but this is a good motivator!

  5. I am about 3/5 finished, but I also stitched all the white rectangles in the checkerboard-ground pattern. I am using Antique White aida, so it is obvious where I use B5200 or leave it open.

  6. auskunft – awesome. yeah I stitch in the whites too, even on white aida cloth…

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  8. […] Their “Mario Across the NES Ages” pattern is incredibly popular. Here’s another link to a finished product: “Mario Across the NES Ages” Finished. […]

  9. how many strands of thread did you for this? is it 2 or 3?

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