Link and Epona Papercut Giveaway!

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Cutting Pixels etsy shop is doing a giveaway for the site! Comment on this post and you are eligible for this beautiful papercut of Link and Epona. (I’ll select randomly from the comments in 24 hours, one comment per person, and don’t forget to include your email so I can contact you).

The etsy shop is full of video game papercuts that range in price from $5-$10.  $10 is pretty cheap for these awesome works of art. I suggest you look at the others but here are my next 3 favorite.

(bowser from mario bros)

(cloud from final fantasy)

(mario riding yoshi, but I think I’ll call it luigi riding yoshi)

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63 Responses

  1. What great paper cuts! I’m going to keep my fingers crossed to win it. 🙂

  2. Russell Ahlstrom

    Looks amazing! Love the idea.

  3. Oh, wow, that IS a beautiful papercutting. I’d love to be entered into the drawing for it.

    And now I’m headed over to Cutting Pixels’ etsy shop, because I can do some early holiday shopping over there, based on what you’ve highlighted here!

  4. Very very cool, I’d love to have a collection of these somewhere in my home.

  5. These papercuts are gorgeous! I really want the Link and Epona one, I’ve been a Zelda fan for ever! I’ve even changed my name to Zelda 🙂

  6. merrywether

    Awesome! 🙂

  7. If I win this for the guy I’m sweet on, I may actually win him over for ever.

    *fingers crossed*

    Thanks for the contest!

  8. I want it! I want it! Just recently moved and this will go great in my game room/office! Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me!!!!!

  9. My daughter is gaga for link! This will make her year!

  10. Thanks for offering a giveaway. Perfect Christmas presents!

  11. It’s stunning and beautiful; I love it!

  12. Lindsay A.

    It is a beautiful piece. Thanks for linking to the store full of cool items!

  13. What a cool papercut!

  14. Comment! 😀

  15. Great. The other Link and Epona is nice too.

  16. stitchingmama

    Nice! My husband would love these!

  17. Samantha Manning

    I would love to win this for my husband! He’s been sick and this would really cheer him up. 🙂 We love Zelda and this would look awesome in our bedroom.

  18. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen today!

  19. Woohoo for being first! That’s some amazing work!

  20. oh pick me! Love this blog btw.

  21. LinkIsMyHomeboy

    I would love to win this! Especially since I just looked at the price of this one…Holy Crap! $300?! Is that priced incorrectly?

  22. Hey 😀 I would totally love to win this beautiful piece of art 😀

  23. LinkIsMyHomeboy

    And then I read the actual listing. D’oh!

  24. Looks great, really nice etsy shop, too!

  25. here comes my comment, yaaaay! 😀

  26. I would be the best wife ever if I got this for my husband… who am I kidding, I’m still the best wife ever 😉

  27. These are so pretty!!

  28. Add me to this.

    I like Bowser the best. It’s awesome.

  29. These are awesome. I love that you know exactly who and what they are even though they are just outlines.

  30. Twitch13014

    These look awesome, kind of reminds me of the silhouettes they sell at Disneyland. Email:

  31. All of these are really nice, but I like the Link and Epona one the best.

  32. These would go very nicely with my home decor….:D

  33. That Bowser one looks gorgeous.

  34. I absolutely love the Link and Epona one!

  35. This is adorable!

  36. I think those are awesome.

  37. Wow, these are really cool, and it’s awesome that they’re hand-cut. Makes me want to try it, but I doubt my hand is steady enough, so I’d rather just have enough money to buy a bunch of them, hehe

  38. Looks great! I’ve never commented on this site before, but I love the ideas you show. Cross-stitch is kinda my thing.

  39. Those are awesome!! Great prices too.

  40. I’m always down for some good paper cut outs.

  41. Sure, count me in! I love the Squall one. 😀

  42. That is an AWESOME piece of art, and my oldest loves Link too (he will be Link again this year for Halloween). Thanks for pointing out this site; we’re about to move and I think I know what we’ll be using to decorate his new room!

  43. That is so beautiful! I’d love to be included in the contest. My email is mizrivers at gmail dot com. Thanks for sharing!

  44. Yes please! I love Zelda so much, that we even named our son Link 😀

  45. This is gorgeous artwork! I hope I win 😮

  46. neat!

  47. Ooh! Me want! : )

  48. These are so awesome! I am a huge fan of the bowser one.

  49. Very well done.

  50. May as well throw my hat in the ring!

  51. Actually, that’s Cloud from Kingdom Hearts. 😛

  52. Tyrannchen

    These are absolutely beautiful!

  53. Tracy Poff

    Very cool! The Mario & Yoshi one is especially nice, I think.

  54. That is awesome, I would love to win that, and thanks for showing me a great site!

  55. hope to win!

  56. i love zelda and i wish to win the painting so much!!

  57. I just went to Comic Con in NYC this past weekend and saw a ton of Zelda stuff, but nothing was quite this lovely. I hope I win!

  58. Thank you everyone! Papercutting is such a soothing and delicate art. I really love it.

    I hope whoever wins the contest likes my artwork!

  59. That us very cool. If not the link one, I’ll get Sora or Bowser, or request my own.

  60. grikatheseeker

    Wow! That is beautiful 😀

  61. I’m sure I’m too late for this, but that’s ok. Thanks for this post, even if I don’t win it at least I can order it (if I can convince the seller to ship to the ass-end of the world)!

  62. Pedro Quaresma

    Me! Me! Pick me! 😉 They look awesome!

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