Life Size Luigi Crochet Blanket

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now, anyone who has read this blog for awhile knows that the quickest way on is with a luigi craft…mrsjlathan jumps (over all you mario crafting people) onto the blog with this great crocheted luigi blanket.  Luigi is approximately 7′ tall!The blanket took about 36 hours to complete…A day and a half well spent!

Luigi Crochet Quilt

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  1. hello- i love what you have made! would you be willing to sell one of these to me? I am hoping to find a special blanket for my son- but don’t have the skill to make one as yet! and he is mad about yoshi and mario..

    kind regards,

  2. Chrissy Lathan

    Oh my god… I have not been on the site in sooo long, please forgive me for taking so long to respond. I will be willing to do it, but unfortunately, my time is//will be quite occupied, as I am 37 weeks pregnant 🙂 If you want to talk more, and are still interested (and OK with getting it by Halloween… lol) please email me at or

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