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  1. No Worries, Have fun!! See you when you’re settled.

  2. I got scared after the last WoW post– I thought maybe you’d succumbed to the temptation!

  3. lol, ive been playing 24/7 wow for the last week! the truth comes out!!

  4. A loss for the Bay Area! Hehe, hope the move goes well!

  5. Paranoiac543

    YOU ARE SO LUCKY. my boyfriend lives in oregon and i’m all the way in new york. i want to come with you! T_T

  6. How old are you? I thought you would be around a 30-year-old guy, but I might be totally wrong. Maybe you’re an 18-year-old hottie. Whatever is fine by me.

  7. Nyami.Rae

    Woo! Go Oregon! Have a save trip man =)

  8. Good luck with the move! I hear Oregon is wonderful.

  9. ryan – sorry, I’m 28. by school ending im referring to the fact that I am a teacher, not a student!

  10. Turqoizyoshi

    So, you’re a teacher,huh? Cool!
    What subject do you teach?

  11. Zombified

    I was worried that maybe you got zapped into WoW because it heard you speaking ill of it.
    That sort of thing happens, I swear!

    Good luck with everything, can’t wait to have you back.

  12. turqoizyoshi – I teach earth science and physics
    zombi – yeah its happened to me before, I got pulled back in and played on a private server for awhile…never again! unless I do.

  13. Looking forward to read from you! See you soon and I wish you all the best!!

  14. LOL, we should have met when we were both living in San Francisco! Now you’re moving to Oregon and I just moved to L.A. (and had to attend E3 as a welcome present…). Keep us posted with the moving!

  15. Anyway… we miss your updates! hehe

  16. What part of Oregon are you moving to?

  17. Seriously missing this site. 🙁 But I understand being busy, and best of luck as you continue to pull through!

  18. thanks for all the great comments! move went well, and we’re now back in business!!

    @aelys – bad timing…=(

    @kayla – grants pass, oregon

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