Guitar Hero Scarf

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I sure wish I had this…Obajoo is crocheting someone a really cool scarf! Check out what she’s got so far…(Photos are arranged in order)

The Beginning


Deciding placement

gh3.jpg gh2pg.jpg


She’s still deciding the placement of the notes, but it’s still a great idea and great design!

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  1. Psssst… that’s crochet!

  2. um, of coouuurse….we knew that. thanks for paying closer attention than we do!

  3. that is just awesome. im not even a big GH fan but this is really a clever idea!

  4. dark knight

    i knew that when i posted it…but i also noticed that they said it was a scarf. don’t pick on the new guy!

  5. dark knight

    steph, thanks for leaving a reply! at least someone has something nice to say about my posts!

  6. You know I saw a similar comment to Amy’s when this was linked on Neatorama and the poster called it “knit.” I think I may be the only crafter that doesn’t care what it’s called. They both involve yarn and needles right?

    I think Joss Whedon said it best, though, in an interview with

    “I’m aware of the desperate rivalry between the knitters and the crocheters. And, you know, first of all I have to say: can’t there be peace? … It’s an age-old war. Like the werewolves and the vampires. I think Underworld was actually originally about crocheters and knitters but they thought it would be too controversial so they changed it to vampires and werewolves.”

    Crafters are funny like that. We make fancy words up to make ourselves feel better, I guess. Like Decoupage. That’s just gluing shit on other shit. Macrame? Tying knots over and over and over.

    Aaaanyway, that’s for the linkage, DK!! You’re doing a great job! And I’m not just saying that because you said nice things about me, either ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, maybe a little bit….

  7. longest comment ever! its true though, people are touchy about their crafts…but, when you spend countless hours of your life doing them i guess thats how you end up.

    keep up the good work!

  8. This is a really awesome scarf! Though I have to ask, are you obsessed with crocheting and knitting or something because it is all over your blog! I was just wondering, I’m not making any judgments.

  9. dark knight

    I’m glad you don’t give a dang whether i call it a crochet or knitting. Thanks for the positive input about me (the new guy). I try my hardest to bring you guys the best crafts out there! By the way, I liked how you called me “DK”…it sounds cool!

  10. well, thats kinda the point of the blog…so, yeah.

  11. dark knight

    Yeah, Blueflame, we post crafts (including crocheting and knitting) that are video game based. And like johloh said, it’s the point of the blog. (Hence the name spriteSTITCH) Nobody probably knows (or cares) about this, but “Blueflame” is a really good friend of mine who I told about this blog. She really likes what we’re doing here! That’s yet another fan of this AWESOME blog that I love writing for!!! =)

  12. @ Johloh: Sorry about the long comment. I tend to ramble…. Thanks for the compliment though. I don’t intend on stopping any time soon. (with the crafts OR the long comments. FEAR MY BABBLING!)

    @ DK: You are now officially DK in my book ๐Ÿ˜‰ This IS an awesome blog. I do have to say it is my favorite one on the interwebs. Awesome crafts, attentive and engaging admin, and even a freakin’ forum with a really sweet community. What’s not to love? You lucked out getting to write for this guy!

  13. Renee – ah, now youre just getting too nice…no need to be so nice, we already post everything you make!

  14. dark knight

    I did luck out getting to write for Sprite Stitch!

  15. I’m nice because I LIKE you guys. Don’t worry, if you ever do something that is worthy of my snarky side, I won’t let you slide ๐Ÿ˜‰

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