Game Controller Cufflinks

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My gut tells me that most gamers don’t wear cufflinks very often…however, if the occasion arises you’re prepared. I actually need to buy a bunch of cufflinks for my wedding in 3 months, any ideas? (these are $150 each, ouch!)

Wiimote Nintendo Cufflinks

Playstation Cufflinks

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  1. First, congratulations on your wedding !

    I bought my now-husband Chaumet cufflinks for our wedding a few months ago; he never ever wears them. However, I would have bought him these, had I known of their existence… and he would have thrown them right away.

    So my advice is: better check with your fiancée before showing up at the wedding wearing these… I would have loved it if my Better Half and shown up wearing them, but I’m a geek, and I love my husband very much…

  2. […] cufflinks in sterling silver will set you back a pretty penny, but they sure are fetching! Via Sprite Stitch. [Read this article] [Comment on this […]

  3. If you’re not someone who wears them often, or ahs never before, I would suggest trying on the silk knot ones- they’re lightweight, unfussy, and often cheaper without sacrificing quality.

  4. cheaper but still geeky cufflinks can be found here:

    there’s a pretty big market for D20 cufflinks. you can probably find even cheaper ones elsewhere. or make some yourself.

  5. I found a pair of cufflinks for my wedding from a fellow in England (they seem to be much more partial to the French cuffs over there). They were Game Boys. (Technically, I believe they were Game Boy Lights and they had a tiny Wario Land cart that could be taken out.) Originally I think these were gashapon that had been glued to cufflink blanks. Considerably cheaper, but much less elegant than these.

  6. I bought my husband some amazing Lego Stormtrooper cufflinks for our wedding:

  7. You can find custom D20 cufflinks at World of Dice. They have about 100 different colors so you can find something that matches your wedding colors. ^_^

    Custom RPG Polyhedral Dice Cufflinks by World of Dice

    Still love the game controller cufflinks, but I think I like the price of D20 cufflinks more.

  8. I’m sure the wedding’s already over and done with (congrats!), but even late, wanted to add: this store on etsy makes AWESOME geek cufflinks:

    I caught the artist at Renegade SF and ended buying waaay too many pairs of geek earrings. Just too cute!

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