Fallout Coffee Sign

Published by: Lord Libidan

This is the way to sell stuff to geeks…

Via [Dorkly]

I’m craving coffee…

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3 Responses to “Fallout Coffee Sign”

  1. kuja.girl Says:

    This coffee shop is literally across the stree from my Grad School A local artist draws a new character every week. They’ve had MLP, Thor, Superman, and Thunder Cats and they are always awesome.

  2. Lord Libidan Says:

    You will take pictures! You will take pictures daily! 😛
    But seriously, if you know who it is I’d like to know, and if you see a good one give it a snap 😀

  3. kuja.girl Says:

    Lol well OK then! I’ll do what I can. I do have photos of the Superman and Thor signs I can send ya.

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