Chain Chomp door hanging

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If there’s a better wordless warning for your bedroom door, I sure can’t think of it! Pick this one up for $10 by KimberTastic. [Etsy]

Super Mario Brothers 3 treasure box

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It’s a bit obvious, but I’m thinking this treasure box from Super Mario 3, made by Sprite Stitch Forum member Lividus needs to be my new keepsake box. [Sprite Stitch Forum]

Bubble Bobble plush

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Is it just me or does this look ridiculously professional? Kudos to Sprite Stitch Forum member SharkSharkShark, who crafted this two foot tall beauty after becoming exasperated with all the subpar Bubble Bobble plushies on the market. If perfection was … Continued

Legend of Zelda Valentine’s Day card

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Sprite Stitch Forum member and all around geekcraft enthusiast PaperRockScisorz stopped by to share with us this beyond adorable Valentine’s Day card. You can purchase the file to print it out yourself for $4 by following her Etsy link below. … Continued

Wynaut hoodie

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The users in our forums are just endlessly creative. FuzzyPickles87 just stopped in to show us this new Wynaut hoodie that he altered to resemble the lil baby Pokemon. [Sprite Stitch Forums]

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