It-sa Luigi cake

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Alright tell me Johloh: could you eat this? Or would you first freeze and the shellac it in an attempt to preserve its greatness forever?!? [Craftster]

Lego Samus Aran

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And with this new Lego sculpture, I think it’s time we changed Sprite Stitch Forum member Loser5150’s name to Winner5150. Bravo! [Sprite Stitch Forums]

Super Mario Blooper inspired gloves

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Another project for the “Now why didn’t I think of that?” file. These gloves, made into Bloopers with a few simple modifications, are available from Etsy seller Omonomophoeia for $15. [Etsy]

Old school Mario knit sweaters

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I’m not entirely sure what context these sweaters were posted in, given the original site is in Japanese, but I think it was a series of Mario-themed patterns for sale in the 80s. Some of them are so cute! [Miki800]

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