1-UP Mushroom Quilted Pillow

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anne sent in her stunning 1-up quilted pillow…I especially like how she’s used traditional fabrics instead of plain colors (like all the others i’ve seen. check out the craftster link for more pics… via [craftster]

Kuribo shoe mario quilt

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I think this is the best video game quilt that I have seen yet. something about it is just cleaner than other quilt projects ive seen. great job! more pictures here! via [Craftzine]

Luigi Quilt

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I have an upcoming luigi cross stitch that is almost finished…so, in honor of the often forgotten and under appreciated luigi here is an awesome quilt with mario nowhere to be found. via [kotaku]

Tetris quilt

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well, its old news in many blogs but I had this awesome quilt [from rabbit style news] bookmarked and figured I should post it up in case some people had missed in when it made the rounds…I’m starting to think … Continued

Awesome Zelda and Galaga Quilts!

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well, ive been sticking mainly to cross stitch and needlepoint…but, this just cannot go unposted. They are sprite inspired, awesome video game classics, and stiched…so, its good enough for spritestitch. These absolutely amazing quilts are available for sale at Carolina … Continued

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