Cool Old School Cross Stitched Pillow

May 23rd, 2014 - by blackmageheart

One of my rules for life is that you can never have too many pillows (or as we call them here in the UK, cushions). Cross stitched ones are the best, because you can find some really great design ideas, like this one!

So many different classic icons, it’s almost like a sampler! I like the part with the Black Mage. :)

Via:  Pinterest

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LEGO Song of Time by ProfMadness

May 21st, 2014 - by Starrley

ProfMadness, over at DeviantArt, made some Zelda sprites out of Legos, and used them to make a short Ocarina of Time movie. Click here to watch it.


Ninjini from Skylanders Giants cross stitch

May 20th, 2014 - by Starrley

samarin is making a quilt of game squares, and this is her first completed one. She says that she and her boyfriend are crazy for Skylanders. This piece is 108 by 108 stitches, on 18 count. It looks pretty awesome!


The Props Shop

May 19th, 2014 - by blackmageheart

Etsy is a great source of items, supplies and inspiration too. I stumbled upon The Props Shop while scrolling through my Etsy activity feed and found some really awesome pieces in the store!

This set of three transforming masks from Majora’s Mask are fantastic! The shop has a lot of Zelda items; masks, weapons, rupees and this pretty great Deku Shield:

There’s also other cool items in the shop, like Palutena’s Bow from Kid Icarus, which you can either use as the bow or as the two swords:

And one of my favourite items, a Helix Fossil:

The artist uses all sorts of materials to create her items, like wood, foam, plastic and more! You can find these items and other awesomeness in the Etsy store (link below) – definitely worth checking out!

Via: The Props Shop Etsy store

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Pokemon Flowerpots

May 18th, 2014 - by blackmageheart

It’s always amazing to me how some people find new ways to craft popular characters. These Pokemon flowerpots are a great example!

This Ivysaur was made by applying paper mache to a papercraft model.

This Oddish pot is made from plaster and looks quite unusual!

And this second Ivysaur pot was made using the same steps as the one above, but the maker added air drying clay to it to give it a smoother look. It’s very effective! :)

If you’d like to make your own pots, or even just solid models, here is a link to the Ivysaur instructable (please note, the author called it a Bulbasaur Pot because they thought Ivysaur might be less well-known!)

Via: Instructables (Ivysaur Pot); deviantART (Smooth Ivysaur Pot); Instructables (Oddish Pot)

“Golden Goddesses” Bracelet

May 17th, 2014 - by blackmageheart

Forum member KittensConsole made this very pretty bead bracelet featuring a Triforce pattern.

The really nice thing is that the Triforces are 24K gold plated beads, which gives it quite a special look. You can buy this and some other lovely jewellery from KittensConsole’s Etsy store.

Via: Sprite Stitch Forums

Mortal Kombat Pendant

May 16th, 2014 - by blackmageheart

There are a lot of iconic…icons out there in the gaming world, some simple and some a little more complicated. I love the Mortal Kombat logo and have seen a whole bunch of different pendants based on it, but this one has to be my favourite out of them all:

It was made by Alex of GamerMerch, and is 925 silver. What really makes it stand out is the detail, it’s pretty accurate and makes a nice pendant! There are more treasures to be found in their Etsy shop, too!

Via: Etsy

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