Video Game Pattern List (updated 4th August 2011)

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Video Game Pattern List (updated 4th August 2011)

Postby Servotron » Sat Jun 27, 2009 7:52 am

The Master Pattern List is no longer being updated with new patterns - all new patterns are now listed on the Sprite Stitch Pattern Wiki here:
*Patterns with (PR) means they are from the Pattern Requests sub-forum*

Mario Series Patterns
Boobies (Boo Bees) by MamaJMarie (PR)
Peach & Daisy by blackmageheart (PR)
S’crow by techno-ninja (PR)
Tanooki Suit by Purcell_a05 (PR)
Super Mario Bros Track 1 by TMurdock (PR)
Mario Kart by mud (PR)
Luigi & Daisy by Caiella (PR)
Piranha Plant Sprite by Purcell_a05
Yoshi Meat by Siva
Flying Super Mario World by gratch
Yoshi’s Cookie by Miss Kirby
Yoshi’s Island – Guys by spinuntilyoufall
Mario Bros. 3 Extravaganza by MissKirby
Boo Bookmark by techno-ninja
Super Mario World Map by Daizeh
Mario “What’s In the Box” by DontCrossMe
SMB2 Toad Haulin’ A Pattern by xreferencestitch
Mario and Luigi by RAWRmonster (PR)
Rubix Cube Mario Pattern by purcell_a05 (PR)
Did somebody call for a plumber? pattern by Lord Libidan (PR)
Mario & Others pattern by Lord Libidan (PR)
Super Mario Bros. 3 Font by purcell_a05 (PR)
Santa Mario by Innamode (PR)
Super Mario Bros. 3 Bookmark by YeahYeahYouWere (PR)
Yoshi Pattern by wafflesmama84 (PR)
dr. mario by Lord Libidan (PR)
Perpetual Mario & Luigi by Lord Libidan
Mario Kart Patterns - Input Appreciated by YeahYeahYouWere
Mario Kart cross stitch by purcell_a05 (PR)
Luigi and Daisy by Caiella (PR)
Mario Star by riotpatch (PR)
Christmas Mario & Bubble Bobble by Hello Katie
Epic Mario Thru the Ages Pattern by kuja.girl
Baby Yoshi (Paper Mario:TTYD) by Lord Libidan (PR)
can some do this for me please mario :) (Mario text) by Lord Libidan and Asinine (PR)
Bookmark Mario World 3 by Ellentje
Goomba by mud (PR)
request for patterns on baby mario characters by Wolfix (PR)
Mario/Peach by Servotron (PR)
Mario Kart Request by mud (PR)
Arcade/Mario Alphabet (In Progress) by Laialda
Princess Daisy? by Servotron (PR)
Pile Of Yoshis by Servotron (PR)
Princess Peach - I Saved Mario! by KyouLove
Mushroom patterns by crazystrange
Tanooki Suit Mario by tracerbullet
Know Your Shrooms by mud (PR)
Super Mario Galaxy Request by Servotron(PR)
mario kart blue shell by mud (PR)
Mario Totem Bookmark Pattern by Servotron
Servo's Mario Through The Ages by Servotron
Mushroom Tree Ornament by DMLC
Two girls, one-up (now with two patterns!) by mud
Guns don't kill Mario by mud
Blown up Mario "My princess was is in another castle." by Zombified
Super Mario Bros Track 1 by TMurdock (PR)
Mario 3 Worlds 1-8 Patterns by TMurdock
Mario/Peach 1 up -includes pic, NSFW?- by jelibe (PR)
Yoshi with Babies ^_^ by Celes_Lionheart
Yoshi and Kirby "NOOOOOOO!" by Zombified
I'd Hit That by ?
Mario Pattern by jelibe
mario things from 1-3 by hms Arisnia
First Wold of Mario 3 pattern by Loora
Luma from Super Mario Galaxy by jelibe
Mario patterns by Servotron (PR)
Dr. Mario pattern needed by jelibe (PR)
Mario basic pattern request by nyami (PR)
Super Mario Brothers 3 by deborah (PR)
Screen shot logo stitching? (Mario 1,2,3 Title screens) by Servotron (PR)
Mario Kart-Daisy by Servotron (PR)
Nintendo Toad Pattern Help! by johloh (PR)
Marie Game Over mushroom by johloh (PR)
Super Mario Logo by Kazzandra (PR)
Baby Princess Peach by johloh and jelibe (PR)
Shy Guy Cross Stitch by Celes_Lionheart (PR)
Home Sweet Home (Mario 1) by johloh (PR)
King Boo (and Pikachu) by johloh (PR)
Mario brick block by johloh (PR)

Metroid Patterns
Metroid – Samus Aran by earth_element
Do Not Feed The Metroid by Miriam S.
good but fairly simple Metroid pattern needed by blackmageheart (PR)
Kraid - Metroid by silly-kitten71 (PR)
Samus, Super Metroid pattern (large) by kuja.girl
Samus Save Station Bookmark by riotpatch (PR)
Super Metroid title Screen by P34nU7
HD Metroid by P34nU7
Super Metroid - Samus close-up from intro by wedgetable
Super Metroid - Samus Aran Bookmark by wedgetable
Super Metroid Boss Pattern Collection - Phantoon by Icedevimon13
SNK style Samus pattern by blackmageheart
Justin bailey by johloh
NES Metroid Pattern Request by johloh (PR)

The Legend of Zelda Patterns
Ocarina of Time by setsuko (PR)
LoZ Link To The Past Sprites by Lord Libidan (PR)
Random LTTP Sprites by carand88 (PR)
Link Baby Blanket by blackmageheart (PR)
Zelda Stain Glass by Servotron (PR)
Midna by carand88
Ocarina of Time by setsuko (PR)
LoZ Link To The Past Sprites by Lord Libidan (PR)
Random LTTP Sprites by carand88 (PR)
Link Baby Blanket by blackmageheart (PR)
Zelda Stain Glass by Servotron (PR)
Midna by carand88
Zelda: A Link to the Past Bookmark by jimhershner
Ocarina of Time – Young Zelda by Ganondork
Epic Twilight Princess: Link and Zelda by DWgrrl
LoZ The Three Goddesses by LiliumRyn
Zelda: It’s Dangerous to Go Alone pattern by EveningEmma (PR)
Malon pattern by Lord Libidan (PR)
Ganon Game Over pattern by Ad36 (PR)
Legend of Zelda Wedding Sampler by purcell_a05 (PR)
Zelda Clock (Now Finished!) by Laialda
Hylian Shield by silly-kitten71 (PR)
No Navi! by Caiella
Zelda stain glass by Servotron (PR) Complex version
zelda stained glass by celebriwen Easier version
Black and White Link Portrait by Mandy82
Legend of Zelda wedding sampler? by stephaniem (PR)
Zelda fairy inna bottle? by Moxi (PR)
Zelda Ocarina of Time Request :) Please! by blackmageheart (PR)
Zelda-Link request by Wolfix (PR)
triforce of badassery by Stardrifter and Wolfix (PR)
Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past (screenshots) by Arkhamnmate
Spirit Tracks Link by Wolfix
Zelda Wind Waker pattern by mfay
Zelda: Helmeroc King by Servotron
Ocarina of Time Request! by Servotron and riotpatch (PR)
Cross Stitch request: GANONDORF by riotpatch (PR)
Zelda Shield Pattern by LittleMojo
Majora's Mask by riotpatch (PR)
link four sword patten by deborah
zelda cross stitch pattern by deborah
Link & Triforce by biostitch2point0
Link! by chocolatewolf
Huge Link Pattern! bwahahahahah! by chocolatewolf
zelda tent cross stitch pattern by deborah
Link - Four Swords Adventures by silverwolf
Cucco Avalanche!! by Servotron
Zelda: A Link To The Past Map (Light World) by Servotron
Zelda: A Link to the Past Map (Dark World) by Servotron
Link Through The Ages Pattern by Blink190
super link sword cross stitch pattern by deborah
zelda windwaker pattern by deborah
Zelda ALTTP logo request by johloh (PR)
Zelda crest request by Servotron (PR)
Hyrule Crest by littlemojo and nintandrew (PR)

Pokemon Patterns
Mew Lv. 1 by Lord Libidan / blackmageheart (PR) Darwin Evolution – Other Pokemon by Lord Libidan (PR) Darkai by Purcell_a05 (PR)
Original 150 Pokemon by Lord Libidan (PR)
I Choose You by carand88 (PR)
Blastoise by spinuntilyoufall & Lord Libidan (PR)
Starter Love by spinuntilyoufall (PR)
Pokemon Playing by Tevosa (PR)
Pokemon Logo by spinuntilyoufall & smiliec (PR)
Ancient Pokemon by Lord Libidan
Eeveelutions by T-1000
Snivy by Tiella
Johto Gym Badges by ami-lynn
Gengar by setsuko
Rayquaza (Pokedex) by dragonfoxmem
Pokemon – Running Dogs by Tevosa
Tribal Eeveelutions by eieibut
Kanto Starters Pokemon HG/SS by LiliumRyn
Tribal Pokemon Patterns by frgmntddreams
Quilava, Gastrodon by Huskyteer
Pika Flying Balloon pattern by woopwoop
Pinsr Pattern by techno-ninja (PR)
Quilava Pattern by purcell_a05 (PR)
Pokemon patterns to teach kids by purcell_a05 (PR)
Pokemon Fifth Generation pattern by purcell_a05 (PR)
patterns for eevolutions (Pokemon) by dragonfoxmem
New pokemon by purcell_a05 (PR)
so zetta slowpoke by frgmntddreams
Pokemon darwin evolution by Lord Libidan
Made Generation V pokemon crosstitch patterns by pokeluv98
Kanto Gym Badges by ami-lynn
Pokemon Logo by Turqoizyoshi (PR)
Littlemojo pokemon patterns by littlemojo
Pokemon Bookmark by Tevosa
gym leader stitches by pokeluv98
pokemon gijinka patterns by pokeluv98
Pokemon Heroes! by james
Pokemon - Squirtle Squad by Craftymaster90 and Wolfix (PR)
Totodile Pokemon (request) by stephaniem
Togepi Pokemon Pattern by blackmageheart (PR)
Don't neglect the pokéballs by mud
Pokemon Pattern: Persian by riotpatch (PR)
Assorted Pokemon by littlemojo (PR)
Epic Pokemon Pattern Generation I by Servotron
Epic Pokemon Pattern Generation II by Servotron
moltres, articuno and zapdos by lugialady904
pattern for Ash meets Yoshi by dragonfoxmem
Pokemon Badges - Boulder, Cascade, Thunder, Rainbow by Icedevimon13
Request for a pokemon pattern (Darkrai) by Servotron (PR)
Pokemon Cross-stitch for a wedding by deborah (PR)

Tetris Patterns
Tetris NES Intro Screen by spinuntilyoufall (PR)
How Tetris Happens by spinuntilyoufall
You Complete Me ~Redux~ (L Tetris heart) by kuja.girl
Tetris Heart, whole shapes, no two same shapes touch. by bikyclist
tetris Heart "You complete me" by DWgrrl
Tetris Bookmark by nyssa

Misc Nintendo Patterns
Gameboy Fat by Lord Libidan (PR)
Snake / Kirby Super Smash Bros by spinuntilyoufall (PR)
Smash Brothers / Godfather Joke by cricketchan
Animal Crossing Pattern! by Ganondork
Unlikely Partnership Pattern – Link and Tails by Sammich
A Boy and His Blob Pattern by mfay
Donkey Kong square by RAWRmonster
Golden Sun Sprites by blackmageheart (PR)
Earth Bound by Servotron (PR)
nintendo logo by Turqoizyoshi by Zombified (PR)
Greed across the ages Bookmark by Turqoizyoshi
SNES controller by Wolfix (PR)
Funky Kong Mario Kart Wii design by deborah (PR)
Pit from Smash Brothers by riotpatch (PR)
Frost Kirby by Jelibe (PR)
Cooking Mama Sprite by Gamer Grrlz
Nintendo Zapper Sprite by Gamer Grrlz
punch out pattern by deborah (PR)
Ness from EarthBound (stitching app comparison) by benjibot
My Nintendo Sampler by Laialda
Pit Pattern by johloh
Beetles from SSBB bybiostitch2point0
A plethora of patterns by obesolete
Star Tropics Request by mfay (PR)
Metroid and Megaman by jelibe (PR)
Animal crossing pattern request by tnitnetny (PR)
Lucas (Mother 3) by benjibot (PR)
Animal Crossing? by Schala-Kitty (PR)

Square Enix Patterns
Final Fantasy
FF1 Sprite Wedding by Kornberg (PR)
Auron from FFX by carand88 (PR)
Tifa by Icelandic Hitman (PR)
Cactuar by spinuntilyoufall (PR)
Final Fantasy Rikku by Ploegette
Final Fantasy Cloud by Ploegette
Final Fantasy Kadaj by Plogette
Cactuar by comatosegrl
Final Fantasy X Art by blackmageheart (PR)
Cait Sith Request by purcell_a05 (PR)
Ul'Dah Pattern by Tadiera
FF Bookmark Request by purcell_a05 (PR)
Red Mage by riotpatch (PR)
Final Fantasy X- Pirate Game Sprites by DMLC
Kefka from FFVI by FouFou
Zell Dincht from Final Fantasy 8 by Asinine (PR)
FF1 black mage pattern :) by paranoiac543
Final Fantasy Tactics Pattern by Servotron (PR)
Vincent Valentine AC by Wolfix (PR)
Advent children by blackmageheart (PR)
FFVI Pattern by GRussell
Final Fantasy X pattern by TMurdock (PR)
Bahamut vs Alexander by sirinth
Mellusion from Final Fantasy by jelibe
Chocobo train by nyami
Final Fantasy Moogle by Nitewing
My Final Fantasy Challenge Pattern (Pervert!) by nyami
Kefka Pattern by Laialda
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Yuffie Pattern by Hinata Kidou
ff6 cross-stitch requests by Servotron (PR)
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories by Purcell_a05 (PR)
Kingdom Hearts Stained Glass by tmd85 & spinuntilyoufall (PR)
Nobody, Heartless, and Unversed Symbols by Craftymaster90
Axel pattern by purcell_a05 (PR)
Demyx pattern by purcell_a05 (PR)
Kingdom Hearts by purcell_a05 (PR)
Kingdom Hearts Princess Patterns (Belle) by talyn_rae
kingdom hearts by riotpatch (PR)
kingdomhearts (Kairi) by deborah (PR)
Kingdom Hearts 2 Request by Servotron (PR)
Kingdom Hearts 2 patterns? by Servotron (PR)
Kindom Hearts: Riku by Servotron (PR)
Chrono Trigger Nu by Miriam S.
TWEWY Noise – Minks (no. 20-23) by kuja.girl
TWEWY Noise – Pigs (no. 67-75) by kuja.girl
TWEWY Noise – Bats (no. 18-19 & 88-89) by kuja.girl
TWEWY Noise – Ravens (no. 58-60 & 90) by kuja.girl
The World Ends With You Request by Servotron (PR)
Mystic Quest Enemy Pattern (Phanquid) by supreme_mongoose
More Mystic Quest Patterns by supreme_mongoose
Chrono and Marle balloons by mud (PR)
Chrono Trigger by tplus (PR)
Dragon Quest VIII: Hero and Jessica by DMLC
Dragon Warrior/Quest 4 - Necrosaro by Servotron (PR)
Secret of Mana pattern request by johloh (PR)

Sonic The Hedgehog Patterns
Sonic Adventure by EveningEmma
Sonic 1 Labyrinth Zone Pattern Request by Servotron (PR)
Sonic Sprites! by mud (PR)
Sonic 2 Scene Pattern by StarStatic03
Sonic pattern by blackmageheart
Sonic the Hedgehog by Servotron (PR)

Capcom Patterns
Phoenix Wright Affection by natalielowen (PR)
Chun-Li by brityboo (PR)
Street Fighter Character Select by Lord Libidan & spinuntilyoufall (PR)
M Bison by Miriam S.
Ryu Shoryuken Victory Quote by Miriam S.
Chibiterasu! (Okamiden) by Huskyteer
Phoenix Wright Objection pattern by Lord Libidan (PR)
Okami & Katamari by blackmageheart (PR)
Umbrella Corporation Request by Asinine (PR)
Morrigan Aensland :3 by purcell_a05 (PR)
Okami & Katamari by blackmageheart (PR)
Megaman 8-bit Bosses by TMurdock
Mega Man character select screen by leslie_nester
DMC Bookmark by Icelandic Hitman
Megaman II Megaman vs Metalman by Astrayl
Ryu Victory Pose Bookmark by Servotron
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Sprites by talyn_rae
Phoenix Wright: Objection! by Goluxas
Okami bookmark pattern by Awenmir
Spider-Man (Marvel Vs Capcom) by Servotron
Ghost n Goblins Pattern by johloh
Street Fighter II Cast by Servotron
Request for Pattern - DMC3 by jelibe (PR)

Namco Patterns
Galaga by Slipstreamed
Ms Pacman pattern request by purcell_a05 (PR)
Omnomnom - Pacman Bookmark by Caiella
PacMan by DMLC
Pacman screen pattern by littlemojo
Ms Pacman Cross Stitch by lmm80
Galaga Pattern also by Littlemojo
Another katamari prince pattern (full body) by gillianms
Katamari Prince by johloh (PR)

Lucasarts Patterns
Sam & Max by kuja.girl
Grim Fandango by spinuntilyoufall
Need help with a Monkey Island pattern by Caiella (PR)
Day of the Tentacle Pattern by stephaniem
Sam and Max by Servotron
Plunder Bunny (Monkey Island) by Aelys (PR)
DOTT Pattern, please! :) by johloh (PR)
maniac masion cross stitch pattern by nintandrew (PR)

Valve Patterns
Tribal Companion Cube by MamaJMarie (PR)
Left 4 Dead Sprite by Lord Libidan (PR)
Half Life 2 Sprites by blackmageheart (PR)
Curiosity Core from Portal 1 by owllicks
Portal Speedy Pattern by johloh
Love & Lies Portal Bookmark by comatosegrl
Home Is Where The Heart Is: Portal by Cerity
weighted companion cube by hms Arisnia
TF2/Left 4 Dead patterns by Servotron (PR)
Pyro Cross Stitch? by MyPhotoStitch and deborah (PR)
Portal Icons Request by Servotron (PR)
Portal icons by kaylee, gillianms and Laialda (PR)
Half-Life Lambda by gillianms and nintandrew (PR)

Misc Video Game Patterns
Toejam & Earl by Purcell_a05 (PR)
Blazblue Emblems by spinuntilyoufall (PR)
American McGee’s Alice by spinuntilyoufall (PR)
Plants vs. Zombies by stephaniem (PR)
Plants vs. Zombies by Moxi (PR)
Metal Gear Solid Foxhound by Miriam S.
Castlevania Title by Miriam S.
Soul Reaver Clans by Miriam S.
Heavenly Sword by Ploegette
Creeper by TristaKatagata
Plants vs Zombies by kasura_iome
A Boy and His Blob by mfay
Icewind Dale Logo by spinuntilyoufall
Little Big Planet by spinuntilyoufall
Borderlands – Lillith by spinuntilyoufall
Borderlands – Robolution by spinuntilyoufall
Borderlands – Mad Moxxi by spinuntilyoufall
Bioshock – Little Sister by spinuntilyoufall
Harvest Moon by pinkcatflower
Kratos, God of War by janiemaray
Omega Symbol (For God of War) by Riibear
Professor Layton by RAWRmonster (PR)
Knives Love Pattern by Icelandic Hitman (PR)
Angry Birds pattern by YeahYeahYouWere (PR)
Adventure Island Pattern by techno-ninja (PR)
Phantasy Star patterns by techno-ninja (PR)
Ghost Recon pattern by Innamode (PR)
Tomba Pattern ~ by Ellentje (PR)
Valkyrie Profile (Lenneth) / Morrigan / Bayonetta by Asinine (PR)
Spyro pattern by silly-kitten71 (PR)
darkwing duck and duck tales by purcell_a05 (PR)
need help making a few keychain-size sprites (Monkey Island/Diablo) by blackmageheart and purcell_a05 (PR)
broken sword/simon the sorcerer by blackmageheart (PR)
Crazy Rabbit/Rayman Raving Rabbids byYeahYeahYouWere (PR)
Shining force pattern by purcell_a05 and blackmageheart (PR)
Hk-47 What is Love? (currently a pattern WIP) by FouFou
kabal (mortal kombat) by frgmntddreams
Plants Vs. Zombies by stephaniem
Bubble Bobble Ornament by riotpatch (PR)
TRAVIS TOUCHDOWN by stephaniem (PR)
Need ideas for stitchings about 1 inch for buttons :) by purcell_a05 (PR)
Amusing Patterns for Onesies by Laialda
Things you learn from Video Games by Laialda
Duke3D by leslie_nester
Battletoads by leslie_nester
borderlands by Lord Libidan, Aven and blackmageheart
Assassin's Creed-Altair Request by Toiya55 and stephaniem
The Guardian Legend by Turqoizyoshi (PR)
fantasy world dizzy loading screen by mud (PR)
Halo 3/zelda by deborah (PR)
Cooking Mama by deborah (PR)
Harley Quinn Lego Pattern please by JennyDork (PR)
Transylvania by stacymckenna
Card Saga Wars! by Cerity
Mass Effect N7 symbol by Spendid
World of Warcraft by shanoa
A different game....(Celica from Beatmania) by P37nU7 (PR)
Horde and Alliance insignias by Zombified
World of Warcraft Blood Elf Emblem Request by blackmageheart (PR)
Halo UNSC Logo/Emblem by StAnArchic (PR)
Gauntlet Need Food Patterns by johloh
Plants Vs Zombies charts! by mud (PR)
Patapon logo by mud (PR)
My Game is Classic by blackmageheart and residentgeek (PR)
DOOM pattern request by mud (PR)
Vault Boy (Fallout 3) Pattern Request by Efrite (PR)
World Of Warcraft (Alliance Logo) by smashlee
Star Trek: DS9 by Servotron
God of War by sirinth (PR)
Sonic the Hedgehog, Cloud Strife, and Portal patterns by littlemojo
Oregon Trail / Firefly Crossover by SkyyAngel
"you have died of dysentery" (Oregan Trail) by nintandrew
Dynamite Headdy Request!! by deborah (PR)
Streets of Rage ending screen 2 by blackmageheart
Gears of war Patter Request. by Nitewing (PR)
Drawn to Life pattern request by Servotron (PR)
Fall Out 3 pattern request. by jelibe (PR)
Cosmic Osmo's ship by Loora
Konami Code by ultima_gamer
Conker and Deus Ex by Nitewing
Master Chief by Mak327
Percy the Persimmon by biostitch2point0
Space Invaders Sampler by johloh
Pyramid Head and Superman Patterns by sithkitten
Robot Ninja Haggleman by benjibot
puzzle bubble and yoshi by la_petite_renatan
Plans and projects by nintandrew
Dino run raptor by biostitch2point0
Lego Batman; JOKER! by Servotron and hms Arisnia (PR)
Lego Star Wars (Boba Fett) by Servotron (PR)
Faxanadu Pattern Request (first post) by deborah and Servotron (PR)
bioshock by Schala-Kitty (PR)

*Patterns with (PR) means they are from the Pattern Requests sub-forum*
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Re: Master Pattern List (updated 27th June 2009)

Postby Dragoniron7 » Sat Jun 27, 2009 12:30 pm

very sweet, great job servo

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Re: Master Pattern List (updated 27th June 2009)

Postby jelibe » Sat Jun 27, 2009 12:33 pm

Wow!! Didn't realise there were soooo many patterns!! Great Job Servo! Great Job!!
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Re: Master Pattern List (updated 28th June 2009)

Postby Rozez1982 » Sat Jun 27, 2009 7:03 pm

Wow there are so many. Awesome job! Now it will be easy to find a pattern that's been previously been posted. Thanks alot Servo!

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Re: Master Pattern List (updated 28th June 2009)

Postby johloh » Sun Jun 28, 2009 7:20 am

wow. awesome job servo!! this rules. :good: (stickied)
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Re: Master Pattern List (updated 28th June 2009)

Postby deborah » Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:24 am

That is a good job servo. It is good to have all the patterns in one place with out going through everything. It makes it easy to find a pattern.

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Re: Master Pattern List (updated 28th June 2009)

Postby tnitnetny » Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:11 am

This was a fantastic idea! Thanks so much!

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Re: Master Pattern List (updated 28th June 2009)

Postby buymeapc » Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:59 am

Great idea! :thumbsup:

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Re: Master Pattern List (updated 1st July 2009)

Postby Zombified » Wed Jul 01, 2009 10:02 am

Wow, thanks for doing this!

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Re: Master Pattern List (updated 4th July 2009)

Postby Aelys » Sat Jul 04, 2009 2:00 pm

Wow, this is impressive! Thanks a lot!

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