Various patterns (Super Mario Land, Yars Revenge, et cetera)

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Various patterns (Super Mario Land, Yars Revenge, et cetera)

Postby the_antithesis » Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:29 am

Been a number of years since I'd posted. I had originally posted about a Super Mario Land latch hook rug I had been done. Someone had asked for the pattern and now I've finally downloaded some software to allow this. So here are the patterns I have done in the last two years.

I should note that I make latch hook rugs not cross stitch, so terms like thread count are crazy moon language to me, but hopefully these patterns are easy enough to adapt and the software (Cstitch) is designed for cross stitch, so the pdf should have the terms you need. Just keep in mind I really didn't set any of those things and have no idea if they're right.

For other latch hookers, I work exclusively with 5 mesh canvas because the squares are smaller and I do more detail in a reasonably-sized work. I get mine from Jo Ann's and the canvases tend to be 300 x 160. (36" x 60") They would have been 300 x 170 but they don't tend to cut straight for some reason. 10 yard rolls of the canvas are available from the manufacturer for about $200 (300 x 1800!). I haven't jumped off that cliff yet myself, but may if I keep doing this.

In any case here we are:

Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land 160 x 144 x 4.pdf
Super Mario Land 160 x 144 x 4
(342.27 KiB) Downloaded 325 times

Yars' Revenge

Yars Revenge 160 x 144 x 10.pdf
Yars Revenge 160 x 144 x 10
(291.95 KiB) Downloaded 214 times

(note: the green on the top and left in the image is there from when I would simply use the image as a pattern so that the image would start at 1,1 instead of 0,0. This is not included in the pdf pattern)

Pac-man 164 x 241 x 10.pdf
Pac-man 164 x 241 x 10
(449.81 KiB) Downloaded 284 times

Pac-man marquee

Pac-man marquee 159 x 52 x 10.pdf
Pac-man marquee 159 x 52 x 5
Actually only has 5 colors. Typo in the file name.
(201.33 KiB) Downloaded 225 times

Green House
Currently working on this one. It'll take a few more weeks to complete. I used a technique for "dying" acrylic yarn that I found on Youtube to make the white glow-in-the-dark. I'm not sure how it's going to turn out.

Greenhouse 164 x 182 x 8.pdf
Greenhouse 164 x 182 x 8
(653.85 KiB) Downloaded 206 times

Taking a break from video games for a bit to do this one. I'm using the left over canvas from Green House to make it and may put rug coating on the back to turn it into a bath mat. This will be the first one I make using the patterns from Cstitch instead of transferring the pattern to the canvas with magic marker, which is time-consuming, tedious and doesn't always work very well as most marker colors are either too light or too dark to tell what the color is supposed to be.

If I keep it up after completing these projects, I have several plans and patterns prepared. I'll likely do the Starship Enterprise (original series) and a Marilyn Monroe Playboy photo. (I won't be posting that pattern for obvious reasons) Those two will fit nicely into a single piece of 5 mesh which is why I'll probably do them but both of them will require use of that "dying" technique I'd mentioned earlier to get the right colors. I kind of like the idea of moving away from the already pixelated subject of video games (the Green House pattern is taken from the Game Boy translation of the original Game & Watch) to non-pixelated subjects and making them pixelated. I may try to do some side art or cartridge box art in future.

Take care.

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Re: Various patterns (Super Mario Land, Yars Revenge, et cet

Postby tiffstitch » Fri Sep 18, 2015 8:46 am

These are awesome! Thank you. I spent many a happy hour playing and re-playing Super Mario Land back in the day. So that might need to get stitched first.

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Re: Various patterns (Super Mario Land, Yars Revenge, et cet

Postby bulbasaur » Sat Sep 19, 2015 11:35 am

They look great! Thanks for sharing. I particularly love the Pac-Man marquee.

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