Random Tiny Sprites, no more than 25px wide.

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Random Tiny Sprites, no more than 25px wide.

Postby vanillakokakola » Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:42 am

I'm brand new to cross stitch, and wanted to try out making a bookmark.I'm just looking for sprites that are 25px wide or less to include on the bookmark (I'm starting out with 14-count Alda fabric. I might go smaller depending on how this goes, but I want to start easy).

I'm not really picky on exactly WHAT the sprites are. I did make LttP Link holding up the Triforce, but haven't been able to make anything else look semi-decent in PC Stitch since my pixel count is so small.

They don't even necessarily have to be done with a pattern maker. Just a small image that I can import to PC Stitch would be totally fine.

Things that I'd like, if you have easy access to them or can easily make them 25px wide or less:
-Any FF characters
-The companion cube
-Anything Bioware or Borderlands related (that one's a stretch since they don't have any sprite games, but you never know)
-Harvest Moon
-Golden Sun

But if you have anything else that isn't on this list but you think it would look cool on a bookmark, please post it! I'd love to give it a shot.

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Re: Random Tiny Sprites, no more than 25px wide.

Postby blackmageheart » Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:36 am

I had a look through the sprites I have on my PC, got a few together but I don't know how suitable they are for you so I'll let you go through them :)

small sprites.zip
(838.08 KiB) Downloaded 396 times

There's some Golden Sun, Final Fantasy(s) and a Neverwinter Nights icon (you said Bioware and that's pretty much all I had, lol) :D

Hope that is helpful to you, and if you need any help with patterns etc you only need to ask! ^^
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