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Captain America

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Captain America

Post by Flynnson »


I'm from Germany so please excuse my bad english (IF its bad :grin: ).

First I have to say, I don't work with stitches, I work with Hama Beads. But the patterns are quite the same (they work perfect for me :good: ).

I just finished a big Iron Man Pattern and now I want to do a Captain America Pattern.
I need the pattern as a pdf but I have no idea how big it has to be to look good. It can be big. The Iron Man Pattern I finished is 1 m height, so this one can be this big too.

Hope, somebody can help me with this. :nod
captain_america_retro_poster_by_zenithuk-d40wtv6744098612.jpg (225.75 KiB) Viewed 7075 times

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Re: Captain America

Post by gamerwolff »

I gave this a go. Here are a couple of versions for you.
capt poster vintage look.sth
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capt poster vintage look.pdf
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capt poster vintage look 2.sth
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capt poster vintage look 2.pdf
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Re: Captain America

Post by QueenBex »

Another to go on my to-do list.
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