Cuphead Patterns

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Cuphead Patterns

Postby NMRaymond » Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:33 am

So - I finally broke down and purchased Cuphead - though my confidence in actually completing the game any time soon is very slim :blush: - receiving a collectible photo cell along with my game code.

Now, I love love love the art style - it's one of the main reasons why I watched so many videos on YouTube with Cuphead gameplay. It's just amazing and perfectly nostalgic. :gb Anywho, I was wondering if there are any patterns out there for Cuphead - I was curious about patterns pertaining to some of the bosses.

However, I do have some images that I would love to have patterned to bring some more parties to the search for Cuphead related xstitch patterns. I was thinking about 14ct or 18ct cloth and simple color palettes for the patterns. :grin: Thank you in advance to anyone willing and able to help me on this venture.




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Re: Cuphead Patterns

Postby icebus » Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:08 pm

Hey sorry about the late response but I'll slowly try working on some for you!

I've done a quick copy of the first pattern for you here

I didn't include the yellow/gold highlighting in the second bit of wording, but I think if you wanted you could easily backstitch it in!

Let me know if there are any changes that you think could make it better!
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