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Not video game related (Nintandrew)

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 5:23 pm
by nintandrew
(Warning, long post... You have been warned.)

I haven't posted on here in ages, but now I'm back! huzzah!

While working on the "Epic Pokemon Project", I got curious to whether or not it would have been better/faster to do it in half stitches or using a smaller thread count. I decided that I would make a decent sized pattern, and then make it with 28ct. fabric, using half-stitches, but I didn't know what to make a pattern from, so I went to the "good" site, and used the first pic I saw under digital art. So I made the pattern, got fabric, floss, and size 28 tapestry needles and set to work thinking it would be a "quickie." I looked at Blink190's title screen, and he used six-stranded half-stitches on 18ct. fabric, so I did the math and that is equal to 3.857 stranded half-stitches on 28ct. so I rounded up to 4 strands made of 2 stands folded. Mistake number one. I started a black spot on the pattern near the center and the floss was tight going through the holes, but it kept knotting up badly. I still kept at it though. After I finished the spot made of a few hundred stitches, I realized I missed an entire row about half way through! Mistake number 2. I then started to tear the stitches out, and they were to tight to come out on their own, so I ended up cutting rows and picking out the pieces. I was a couple of rows away from the mistake, and had been wondering if I should just restart, when I talked with my ma, and she said I should just restart, so I did. I tried 2,3,and 4 strands on the now ruined fabric and decided that 3 strands was better, even though I couldn't fold the strands because it's an odd number. So I restarted and had been working on it for the past few months, or so, while the Pokemon project sat untouched. Just F.Y.I., there are actually three things you can count on in life: death, taxes, and Windows getting a virus. So my desktop had to be totally cleared, and my dad bought me a Macbook (awesome ;D). So I lost the patterns to everything, but the pokemon pattern is here, so I have started on that again until I decide to try and see if I can remake that pattern for my experimental project. Also, KG-chart doesn't work on Mac, along with any other free pattern makers, but the image of the Pokemon chart is here on the forum, so I just work off of that.

Final notes: Used a hoop for the experiment, so it has gotten dirty, see pics. Using size 28 tapestry needles sucks, I went through almost 3 packs so far from the eyes breaking, I actually have 2 left of the third pack, out of 5 or 6. Needed to buy a needle threader for the smaller needles. I don't know why I thought this would go quick, there are like 74,348 stitches in this thing, so at 500 stitches a day, it would still take 2 months of daily stitching. I think I'll keep with the pokemon project for a while.

Experimental project image (couldn't find it on deviant art, but it was still on her photo bucket): ... g&newest=1

First experimental attempt after stitches were ripped out. (Stitches in the upper-left are swatches of 2,3, and 4 strands to compare them.):
Progress on experiment until fatal virus:
Progress on Pokemon project since restart! (There is more of the picture on the right side, but I don't really feel like resizing it on photobucket):
Close up:
Whew, sorry for the annoyingly long post, but that's what happened. I'll also use this topic for other non-video game projects I have, but I don't think there will be many.

Re: Not video game related (Nintandrew)

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:56 am
by nyami
the experiment pictures look like a bird to's always fun to experiment!
(upon actually seeing the link you is a bird...i feel silly)
Good to see you back =)