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Re: Scott Pilgrim Pixel Paintings

Postby Illuminon » Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:43 pm

banika wrote:This is really well done! I love that movie and its game on the ps3! I really liked that the movie took the form of the Scott Pilgrim game. And it is something that I could just watch over and over again. It is not the conventional movie where you just have to know how it ends and you would not think of seeing it again, unless it really is very good. Scot Pilgrim is just nice and I know that you guys are on the affirmative as well.

Nice painting by the way!

Thank you! =D And I totally agree with you on the Scott Pilgrim movie not being conventional at all. To me it feels more like a game, which I think is the direction they were trying to go with it. Either way though, it's awesome. And the game is great fun too, especially with 4 people =)

If you haven't checked them out yet I highly recommend the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels as well. The movie follows the story pretty well, but there's definitely a lot more story and character development in the books than they could fit into the film (as is generally the case with that sort of thing). Give them a read if you're interested!

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