Zombies Ate My Neighbors!

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Obesolete has made a great Zombies Ate My Neighbors cross stitch…definitely a classic SNES game. Had to post this up as I dont get around to many SNES games because the sprites seem to be a little too complicated for cross stitches.

Zombies ate my neighbors cross stitch

zombies ate my neighbors cross stitch pattern

great work! also makes sure to check out Obesolete’s Etsy Store which includes a great Mike Tyson’s Punchout Cross Stitch for sale!

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  1. Oh, just you wait till I rock out the rest of my sonic 2 beta title screen… if i push i may have it done by the year’s end?

  2. zomg, i totally wanted to do a zombies ate my neighbours stitch.

  3. i have been trying to make a zamn cross stitch of my own, but this is better than i could have made. i’m making this asap!
    this is my favorite game EVER!
    thank you so much to obesolete for making it and to you for posting it!!!!! 😀

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    kind of a 3-d look

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