Zelda valentine’s day cross stitches…

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here is a great stitching from the blogger at tastethehappy. valentine’s day is still over a month away…but hey, we all know how long it takes us to get around to starting (actually, finishing) craft projects…

Zelda Valentine’s Day Cross Stitch

edit: taste the happy has posted the Zelda/Link Valentine’s Pattern!

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  1. Ooh, thanks for posting up my work! I just read your most recent post and was going to send you what I’d done, but you beat me to it. 😛 I’ve got another idea cookin’ so I’ll definitely let you know when it’s done.

  2. hey is there a way we can buy these from you

  3. Hey Seth, send me an email at hoju@hotmail.com with “Crossstitch” in the subject so I can recognize it and I’ll discuss it with you then. Sorry to clutter up your responses, Johloh!

  4. XStitchBelle

    this is a very cute little cross stitch. im going to try it at some point but i found a website the other day where u can get celtic letter and i might try it with the celtic letters and see how it turns out.

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