Zelda Triforce Bookmark

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Nicole stiched up this great Triforce bookmark. The text is in Hylian and says Power, Wisdom, Courage, Triforce. The writing along the outside is a quote from the game.

Zelda Bookmark

apparently she also has a 13ft mario piece that is 70% of the way done, can’t wait to see it!

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  1. That is AWESOME!

    I have a bookmark laying around; maybe I will do something like this with it.

  2. I’m glad you like it. ^_^ I never made a pattern for it but if people want it I can make one up. Err also I’d said I’d commented on the piece of someone make something like a 13ft Mario one. I’m about 70% done with one of Kefka from FF6. ^_^ http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v217/lorlome/Kefka-Unfinished.jpg
    There is the link if you’d like to see the progress.

  3. nicole – oh i see. not mario but kefka…got it.

    itd be great if you complete a pattern…ill post it right up whenever you’re finished!

  4. I’d be interested in the Zelda bookmark pattern.

  5. omg… i am IN LOVE with your Kefka piece! bravo on taking on a huge project!

  6. Thanks Obesolete. ^_^ I’m very happy with it too. I’ve been working on it since early Feb. just here and there. Since I live on the east coast I’m thinking about making another and putting it up for auction at Otakon this summer. I may not though, dunno if anyone there would be really intrested since it’s not Sephiroth lol :P.

    I’m working on the bookmark pattern and should have it done this afternoon to send it! ^_^

  7. […] A cross-stitched bookmark with icons from the game Triforce (how cool is it that there’s a blog about cross stiching designs from video games?!) – Link […]

  8. […] Nicole sent in the pattern of her Zelda Triforce Bookmark! […]

  9. hey, can i ask what the writing says around the edge? my hylians a little rusty.

  10. rusty? haha. that makes it sound like you used to know how to read it quite well. but, I have no idea.

  11. I would love a pattern for this, if you were ever inclined.

  12. Hey, Nicole, I was looking at your pattern you submitted for this; is this on a 14 count Aida cloth? What are the dimensions of the bookmark?

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