Zelda Mixer Decals

Published by: Lord Libidan

Wanna ruin your mixer by adding zelda graphics? Well now you can!

Via [Etsy] $14.99

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8 Responses to “Zelda Mixer Decals”

  1. LinkIsMyHomeboy Says:

    Ruin?! Don’t you mean “make awesome”?

  2. s0nicfreak Says:

    Huh? How does this ruin it?

  3. Tabitha Says:

    Why would this ruin your mixer?

  4. MEEEE Says:

    Why do you post these things if you’re so incredibly negative about it?! Clearly someone liked the idea if they made it!

  5. Lord Libidan Says:

    I kind of admire them at the same time of thinking their stupid. Also, other people might like them 😀

  6. Elvis Says:

    I also agree, although this is cool, I would not put this on my mixer. Those things are expensive (and beautiful!) If they made a special edition mixer with these already on it, that’s a different story.

  7. Ry Says:

    I think they mean ruin, as in the hieroglyphics; to ruin, to adorn with the ruin language.

  8. Ry Says:

    Or rune

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