Zelda Cross Stitch Map

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6 weeks + 23,000 stitches = amazing…the cross stitch ninja (one of my favorite stitchers out there) has outdone herself again! This map is from gameboy’s Zelda – Link’s Awakening, which was my second favorite gameboy game, second to Tetris of course.

Cross Stitch Zelda Map 01

Cross Stitch Zelda Map 02

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  1. yea cross stitch ninja is pretty much the most amazing and patient stitcher ever!

  2. Awesome dudette!
    What patience some people possess. ^_^

  3. I already made the chart for this, but I was planning to do it on yellow cloth so that it wasn’t as many stitches.

  4. Amazing!
    Maybe i should post this in the forum, but how do you get such regular stitches? Mine look sometimes nice, sometimes “crossy”, so the final result isn’t as nice as i wish… Is there a secret?

  5. I seriously started to drool when I saw this :B Fantastic!!

  6. Julien:
    Do it with two strands of floss on 18 count aida and yours’ll look fairly even as well.
    11 count looks rather “crossy” as you say, and 14 can. 18 looks about like you see here.

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Yeah this is 18 count aida. I prefer the stitches small so you can’t see the fabric behind them. Of course, on bigger aida thicker floss would have the same effect.

    Making the stitches so they all lean in the same direction helps the overall look. And I try to make the back tidy too and make the stitches vertical there when possible. It does make a difference in how the front looks, but then I’m a bit of a perfectionist…

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  10. May I ask what colors you used for the map? I was thinking of making one as well.

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