Yoshi Pinata

Published by: johloh

I think its time for a mario party!

yoshi mario pinata

yoshi pinata mario party

For Sale on Etsy – $65 by PartyElephant.

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9 Responses to “Yoshi Pinata”

  1. Yurtle Says:

    LOVE IT!!! Want one!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    How could anyone smash that? It’s too cute!

    I wonder how many hours went it to making it.

  3. The Daily Stash « GamePron Says:

    […] who are good with their hands. Metal Slug recreated in Lego, because some things need to be done. Yoshi pinata. How could you beat that […]

  4. kayla Says:

    What’s inside of this? Apples and baddies???

  5. urban craft Says:

    too awesome to even use! I won’t want to break it at all.

  6. partyelephant Says:

    Wow! Thanks for including my Yoshi pinata! I’ve made a bunch of other pinatas but Yoshi did take the longest.

    I’m always looking for suggestions for new pinatas…I was thinking of making a Goomba one next!

  7. Emma R. Says:

    I love Party Elephant!!!! She rocks! Very talented, I love Yoshi!!! Everyone should check out her stuff!

  8. Emma Says:

    How did you make the yoshi? pinata i have to make one for school

  9. partyelephant Says:

    All of my pinatas are made from recycled materials: I usually use balloons to create the hollow areas but everything else is recycled newspapers and paper towel rolls (plus some imagination!) Feel free to message me through partyelephant.etsy.com if you have specific questions as you make your pinata

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