Yoshi Crochet Blanket

Published by: johloh

ellentje just finished this amazing crocheted granny square blanket… the squares were done with a double crochet stitch and a no. 7 hook.

yoshi mario blanket crochet yoshi crochet blanket home furnishings

via [The Sprite Stitch Forums]

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9 Responses to “Yoshi Crochet Blanket”

  1. Handmade Yoshi Blanket | Hot Blooded Gaming Says:

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  2. Melissa Says:


  3. natalie Says:

    Your blanket is so cute. i was wondering if you use a graph to follow your blanket

  4. joanne Says:

    Your blanket is awesome!! Is a pattern available?

  5. Gamer Gyrl » Geek/Craft: Mario Blankets Says:

    […] lovely Yoshi blanket was crocheted by Ellentje. It took her three months to complete, and she made it out of […]

  6. Ellentje Says:

    Thanks for your compliments. Sorry for the late reply, I hadn’t noticed your questions. I made a chart for this with KG-Chart, a free program for cross stitch patterns. I used that program to reduce the number of colours and print a gridded image clearly showing the pixels. More information about how I made the blanket can be found by clicking the link to the Sprite Stitch Forums below the pictures.

  7. Quince Tart Says:

    Love this! A genuinely cool use for granny squares! Whatever next?

  8. Tally Says:

    R the yoshi blankets for sale

  9. Sydney Tolan Says:

    Hello< is the Yoshi Blanket for sale, if so, how much would you charge for it.

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