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  1. Paranoiac543

    I LOVE this! :DD

  2. The cross stitch looks realistic. A wonderful marriage of Pokemon and Yoshi.
    16 or 18 count Aida must of been used to get such high detail.

    I stumbled across your blog and hadn’t thought to leave a message. Brings together two things I like the most which is crafting and video games. The only time I came across sprite cross stitch pattern is in littlemojo’s site (not working). Possible to create your own using pattern maker. Downloaded some sprites and see if I can give this a try.

  3. Pokemon lover

    HA HA HA!!!! So COOOOOOOOOOL!!!! Brings the pokemon ( MY fave pastime) and my mums fave past-time together! MARIO WOO HOO! ( cool too…) and how can you do it like that! The letters…!?!?! How! Just COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. crobatman

    thats not ash… thats lucas… but in the manga he’s diamond…

  5. say WHAT?? I never tough that Yoshi was a girl!!

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