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  1. That rupee is fantastic!!

  2. Derek you certainly have a natural talent for cross stitching! Congrats on some fantastic work! Look forward to seeing what the future holds in the way of your amazing art!

  3. Wow… I am an incredibly proud fiancee. Who knew I’m marrying such talent!?

  4. good to hear that everyone likes the stitching as much as I do…keep the submissions coming!!

  5. It is with great pleasure and disgrace that I view the work of my wrestling, baseball, athletic son. As a father of this fagoo I am starting to think that he is engaged to Robin and not Jen. I hope I am wrong as I do like Robin but do not want him for a daughterinlaw.

    Father Anthony

  6. Congratulations, but they spelled your name wrong: it’s H-O-R-S-E.

  7. Very nice. Very nice indeed.

    You should put the Question Block above a doorway.

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