The Legend of Zelda cross stitch patterns

Published by: johloh

ok, ive been sitting on this for ages…so here are the Legend of Zelda cross stitch patterns (finally).

The Legend of Zelda (link+items) cross stitch pattern

The Legend of Zelda (enemies) cross stitch pattern

The Legend of Zelda cross stitch directions

one thing to note: 606/995 and 741/799 can be swapped to create the different color versions that you see in the game. (red/blue)

also, now that you have the floss colors used in the game…take a look at The Shyguy Kingdom’s The Legend of Zelda Sprite Page. It has every variation of each character and every item, in case you don’t like the ones I chose.

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15 Responses to “The Legend of Zelda cross stitch patterns”

  1. sir jorge Says:

    yes! i’m going to make these!

  2. Eyebrows McGee Says:

    You have no idea how happy I am; I’m starting a sampler with video game characters and I was struggling with Link!

  3. Manga Panda Says:

    wow!!! These are awsome looking.

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Went to the fabric store with the floss colors you suggested in my hand.

    They seemed rather bright when I looked at them in the real world.

    Wondering if you’d tested them out on black cross stitch fabric first or not.

  5. johloh Says:

    nope. I have not personally tried these out. but, I’m 99% sure it’ll look good.

    bright colors are good.

    lemme know how it turns out!

  6. La Leggenda di Zelda - Schemi a Punto Croce Says:

    […] Croce e Video Games? Non è una novità trovare nel Blog Spritestich tanti schemi a punto croce dedicati ai giochi della […]

  7. Matt Says:

    Would you mind if I use some of these designs to do in stained glass?

    I’ve already made a stained glass sapce invader and have the need to make more iconic videogame imagerey in glass!

  8. johloh Says:

    matt – of course not! thats what the patterns were made for! but, make sure you send in a picture if you complete it so I can post it on the site!!

  9. Matt Says:

    Yeah No worries- I’m currently cutting out the pieces- 1cm stained glass pieces which will be copper foiled and then soldered together- its taking awhile but I know it’ll be worth it!

    Thanks for letting me use these!

  10. Dora Says:

    Thanks so much for the patterns! I used them to create a great fairy out of flowers on my farm in farmtown, and it’s getting good respsonses.

  11. Maddy Says:

    I know this is like a year later, but any advice on how to make the sprites into patterns? They’re so small that I can’t see the pixels -.-

  12. Maddy Says:

    Wow. Just zoom. Nevermind xD

  13. Maddy Says:

    More important questions (sorry, amateur cross-stitcher here):
    How do I know which colors they are?
    And what are the rights to these patterns? If I stitched one onto a homemade pillow, could I sell it?

  14. johloh Says:

    I would go to this posting…

  15. Maddy Says:

    Ah. Thanks!

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