The Legend of Zelda cross stitch patterns

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ok, ive been sitting on this for ages…so here are the Legend of Zelda cross stitch patterns (finally).

The Legend of Zelda (link+items) cross stitch pattern

The Legend of Zelda (enemies) cross stitch pattern

The Legend of Zelda cross stitch directions

one thing to note: 606/995 and 741/799 can be swapped to create the different color versions that you see in the game. (red/blue)

also, now that you have the floss colors used in the game…take a look at The Shyguy Kingdom’s The Legend of Zelda Sprite Page. It has every variation of each character and every item, in case you don’t like the ones I chose.

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15 Responses

  1. yes! i’m going to make these!

  2. You have no idea how happy I am; I’m starting a sampler with video game characters and I was struggling with Link!

  3. Manga Panda

    wow!!! These are awsome looking.

  4. Went to the fabric store with the floss colors you suggested in my hand.

    They seemed rather bright when I looked at them in the real world.

    Wondering if you’d tested them out on black cross stitch fabric first or not.

  5. nope. I have not personally tried these out. but, I’m 99% sure it’ll look good.

    bright colors are good.

    lemme know how it turns out!

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  7. Would you mind if I use some of these designs to do in stained glass?

    I’ve already made a stained glass sapce invader and have the need to make more iconic videogame imagerey in glass!

  8. matt – of course not! thats what the patterns were made for! but, make sure you send in a picture if you complete it so I can post it on the site!!

  9. Yeah No worries- I’m currently cutting out the pieces- 1cm stained glass pieces which will be copper foiled and then soldered together- its taking awhile but I know it’ll be worth it!

    Thanks for letting me use these!

  10. Thanks so much for the patterns! I used them to create a great fairy out of flowers on my farm in farmtown, and it’s getting good respsonses.

  11. I know this is like a year later, but any advice on how to make the sprites into patterns? They’re so small that I can’t see the pixels -.-

  12. Wow. Just zoom. Nevermind xD

  13. More important questions (sorry, amateur cross-stitcher here):
    How do I know which colors they are?
    And what are the rights to these patterns? If I stitched one onto a homemade pillow, could I sell it?

  14. Ah. Thanks!

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