The epic of all epic Mario cross stitches

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sgoheen06 laughs in the face of the so called ‘epic mario cross stitch‘ that I posted earlier…this monster of a pattern weighs in at approxiametly 5 feet by 2 feet (781 stitches across).

super epic mario pattern

I’m not too sure that I like the mixing of sprites (mushrooms, mario, luigi, princess, etc) but this is still one cross stitch I’d love to have up on my wall. Here is the progress so far, hopefully she keeps us posted.

epic mario cross stitch progress

this one seems to be the biggest undertaking yet…can anyone beat it?

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  1. Wow, and here I was feeling accomplished working on my Kefka (final form) from FF6 one (Size is 10″x10″).

  2. BlindedChimera

    Wow, that’s huge. My current project doesn’t even come near that in length, but I know it has something like…58 or so colors.

  3. Yeah Kefka is only 15 colors but it’s been fun to work on. FF6 is my favorite in the FF series so it felt fitting to do Kefka. I plan on sending in the chart (with symbols only probably cause I’ve been using the color one and it’s very daunting lol) and my finished results. ^_^

  4. blinded chimera and lorlome – cant wait to see both of your projects! make sure you email them in!

  5. Wow, I’m so embarrassed, hehe 🙂 I’ve got the time warp thing going with the different sprites because this project is for my son. He’s a Mario addict, but the 3 games he plays the most are the original Mario, Mario World, and Mario Party 7. I wanted to try to incorporate images from all 3 games. He wanted a Bowser too, but I don’t like the original and the others just looked too ‘new style’ to work with the rest of the picture. Thanks so much for posting me, and I will make sure and send you a pic of the halfway point when I get there! (I am at a quarter now so just a bit longer!)

  6. sgoheen06 – actually, im the most happy to here that kids are still into super mario brothers. gotta raise your son up right!

  7. johloh- For my son, it was love at first sight! lol Before he could walk he would sit and watch his great grandfather play Dr. Mario and Tetris on the Gameboy. 🙂 He had just started talking when he took the Gameboy away from him so he could play himself. He’s only 4 1/2 but I just count myself lucky I didn’t have to figure out how to do an 8 bit vacuum cleaner on Luigi and some sort of water sprayer on Mario!

  8. there just might not be anything better in this world than tetris on the original gameboy.

    the only thing that might beat it is tetris, original gameboy, and a roadtrip.

  9. This is crazy! My largest project is 8″x10″, 14000 stitches and 96 colors, and I’m currently working on a pixel-accurate screenshot from Super Mario Bros, but this project is in a league of its own. Five feet wide? Truly epic. I can’t wait to see the finished product, though I’m guessing it will take a long time to finish (especially if she plans to fill the sky in!)

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  12. is there a pattern for this cross stitch? I’d love to attempt/complete it one day…I’m currently working on the other ‘epic’ mario on this site…the one with the Nintendo label 🙂 I’ll post some pics when it’s done

  13. I haven’t seen a pattern for this unfortunately…you can request one on our forums though…

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