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  1. Shadow Tiembi

    Wow. This tattoo is actually a reference to a skit on the sketch comedy show “The Whitest Kids U Know.” But I didn’t think anyone would ACTUALLY get it!

  2. It’s a guitar, not a shotgun. It just looks like he tried to combine as many of his interests as possible in one tattoo. Not saying it’s good, but it could be worse.

  3. Shadow Tiembi

    Oh, and just in case people wanted to see the skit…


  4. I think it is much worse than what you initially feared. I think that may very well be a double-neck guitar. And it looks like Browser is on a surfboard.

  5. It’s a reference to the Whitest Kids U Know tattoo sketch from season 1. And Bowser’s holding a double-necked guitar, not a shotgun.

  6. Um… I think it says Happy Birthday Rob…. and it looks like a guitar not a shotgun that Bowser is holding.. but ah, why would someone get this as a tattoo? *shakes head*

  7. Ugh..
    It kinda looks like a guitar he’s holding, but maybe that’s just me. And that is a surfboard right?

  8. This tattoo is a joke from a show called The Whitest Kids You Know. If the person stayed true to the joke, it says “Happy Birthday Rick”

  9. Oh, and Bowser is holding a double neck guitar, not a shotgun.

  10. Anonymous

    It’s from Whitest Kids U Know, the tattoo sketch. He’s rocking a double neck guitar on a surfboard and the text is Happy Birthday Rick.

  11. Anonymous

    It looks like he’s actually holding a double neck guitar..rockin’ awesome!

  12. I feel really, really bad for you that you don’t get the reference at all. How have you been on the Internet for more than five minutes and not heard of The Whitest Kids You Know?


  13. Is he holding a shotgun? I’m seeing a guitar (with 2 fretboards). Still ridiculously stupid tattoo 🙂

  14. No Shae, I’m English, we don’t watch US comedy.
    But seriously, some one saw this on TV and thought “hey I’ll get that”. That makes it so much worse…

  15. Shae – I’m American, husband’s American – we’ve never heard of that show. And spend a lot of time on the Internet, especially with the husband being a programmer. And just watched that link (or the minute before I couldn’t stand it any more) – wow that’s stupid.

    And I went to the webpage the tattoo is linked from and clicked on #20. GAH!! *shudder*

  16. I laughed until I cried at this sketch. I totally plan on getting my own version of this done on my shoulder someday. Whitest Kids U’Know rules.

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