Super Mario Brothers 1 Super Mini Cross Stitch Patterns…

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Continuing with the mini theme…Here is a cross stitch pattern of some simple sprites from the original Super Mario Brothers. (by request)

Super Mario Brothers Mini Pattern

Super Mario Brothers 1 Mini Directions…

Pattern created by me!

(super mario brothers 3 mini to come soon…)

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7 Responses

  1. OMG this is so cool…I am recently into cross stitch and I can not find any patterns out there that are not grandma. I am in love with NES characters and I can not wait to give some of these a try. Thanks for posting and going through the work!!!

  2. Awesome! I think the squiddy and the ? block might need to become quilted throw pillows…

  3. the mierdezica mario bros it’s a cool very good mierdezica

  4. XStitchBelle

    what is the size of this?

  5. it all depends on the cloth you use…if you use aida 14 cloth, thats 14 boxes per inch…so you can figure out the size…

    these weren’t really designed to be stitched as is, more to pick and choose ones you like for other stuff…

  6. XStitchBelle

    but i like it as is lol. and i was just wondering because i wanna get blue cloth but i can only find it in like smaller squares instead of rolls. i can find white, black, tan, lime green, bright yellow, bright bluey turquoise but not light blue of course there is still one store i havent gotten to check because i cant get to it before it closes lol

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