Super Mario Bros pattern

Published by: johloh

looking for a huge cross stitch project? try this one!

super mario bros pattern thumb

(click image for a high res version)

this super mario bros pattern was submitted by timz84…

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36 Responses to “Super Mario Bros pattern”

  1. Faith Says:

    This is awesome!!!!!! Do you have a DMC color chart? 😉

  2. johloh Says:

    this is a pattern by timz84, ill send him an email and see if he has a floss color list…

  3. rEdZ Says:

    This is insane.
    It would take me years to finish this project >_<

  4. johloh Says:

    faith – i asked tinz84, he said he had no list and just used whatever available floss he had.

    redz – insane is about the only word for it…

  5. jelibe Says:

    this is fantastic, loving this blog site and i love this pattern. this is definatly my next project

  6. johloh Says:

    jelibe – brave…im extremely impressed with anyone who finishes this pattern…

  7. Faith Says:

    Ah well, thanks for asking!!! Perhaps I’ll do the same, it can’t be that difficult to get the colors right. Looks like a fun challenge… 😀

  8. jemand Says:

    I try to do this project but it’s very big as I expected .. It’s in progress and I want to publish in my website too of course your link will be added..

    thanks again

  9. johloh Says:

    jemand – awesome! send me a picture as you progress…

  10. jemand Says:

    here is my picture!! My blog is

    thanks again ..

  11. johloh Says:

    jemand – great! ill post that…keep me posted on how its going…

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  13. melanie Says:

    How do i get this pattern? i am trying to do this for my hubby and will be in hospital for a week with nothing but time on my hands. can i buy it from you?

  14. johloh Says:

    melanie – no, its not for sale (i didnt even make it)…but just by clicking on the image you can get a large high res version of the pattern.

    the maker didnt include floss colors so youll have to pick them out on your own…

  15. Sara Says:

    I started this one yesterday, when (and if) I finish it I will publish pics on my website too 😀

  16. johloh Says:

    sara – maybe if I spent less time blogging Id have more time to work on epics like this…hmmm…

    good luck!

  17. Sara Says:

    Don’t blog less, I love this blog. This is one of the sites that got me back into making stuff… what is a better combination than Nintendo + making stuff 😀

  18. johloh Says:

    yeah dont worry I wont start blogging less…im still having fun with the blog.

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  25. mario Says:

    I ROCK!!!!!!!!!

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  27. Ashlee Says:

    anyone know how big it would be on 14 count aida??

  28. Knitendo.Girl Says:

    Agreed! Could some folks share some finished dimensions with us? I’d really love to give this one a go! 😀

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  31. jessica Says:

    im giving it a go, but i have realized the nintendo logo is all scwered up…the whole thing is off by a little, its not symetrical at all, i have gone into paint and fixed it, and finished the brick around the logo also, if anyone is interested

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  33. Ross Says:

    I’d love to see your edits to the pattern Jessica, I’m working on this stitch right now currently, and I was planning on filling in the white with brick.

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  35. Nicole Says:

    I’m having trouble downloading this pattern, is it just the picture that’s the pattern or is it a PDF?

  36. Maria Says:

    sabe alguien los colores, por favor me los pasais

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