Super Mario 3 Start Screen Perler Bead

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So if you read the blog or are active on the forums you’ve seen some of the perler bead work by ShampooTeacher. (click his name if you haven’t)

Awhile back he posted this perler bead of the start screen for super mario bros 3, and I half glanced at it and said “that’s cool” in my head, but didnt really notice it.

super mario bros 3 start screen perler bead

I don’t think I realized the scale or magnitude until he posted this picture yesterday…HOLY CRAP! (on a side note I never noticed that the shadow on the 3 was a raccoon shape)

smb 3 mario perler beads

either he is really tiny and that is a toy laptop, or thats big…

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  1. I wonder what holds the official title of largest perler bead construction?

  2. from now on I shall call him master.

  3. Nope, it’s just that big. Biggest piece yet is some Obama photo construction but it was made by a class of kids or something. I’m pretty sure there’s single record holder for a bead project out there.

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  7. that good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I know I’m late. I just found this site… if I remember correctly the 3 in SMB3 was accuratly recreated. Im pretty darn sure the 3 on SMB3’s title screen had the tanooki (sp) tail.

  9. This is not made of perler beads. At least, not entirely. I make and sell bead sprites for a living and have been doing so for several years now. I can tell is something is made of perler beads or not and this piece is not. Fake all the way.

  10. Anonymous

    That must of taken ages…..

  11. He didn’t bead the background. I made almost the same with 30.000 beads bit i did also the background. I think it just look better then stickie it on a poster.

  12. * sticking.. but btw its still awesome 😉

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