Super Mario 3 Map Cross Stitch

Published by: johloh

the cross stitch ninja has been in hiding the last few months…and, then HIYAH! with another truly amazing cross stitch.

super mario brothers 3 map cross stitch

Super Mario 3 Map Cross Stitch Detail

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15 Responses to “Super Mario 3 Map Cross Stitch”

  1. obesolete Says:

    I’m in love…
    that’s it.. this aft i’m working on my huge projects!
    thanks for the inspiration!

  2. johloh Says:

    “im in love”

    normally id say you were probably exaggerating…but, in this case its really that good.

  3. osrevad Says:

    Wow, that’s so beautiful. I’ve never done cross stitch, but now I’m really tempted to do some.

  4. Pixel-Bit Says:

    now that’s what i call… EPIC CROSS STITCHING!


  5. Shirleyorigami Says:

    Wow that cross stitch is amazing!

  6. Hiroko Toriu Says:

    Great! I love this game.
    I felt motivated on my zelda cross stitch!

  7. Dawn Says:

    That looks fantastic! Ooh! What memories this conjures up!

  8. sgoheen06 Says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! I can’t believe it’s stitched! It looks just perfect. :)

  9. SarahB Says:

    I NEED this pattern! I have a friend who is looking for it. Can you share?

  10. johloh Says:

    its not my pattern…gotta ask the elusive cross stitch ninja…send her a message through flickr to try an get it…

  11. Amanda Says:

    Wow, this one gives me some great ideas…gotta finish the one I’m on first though…

    Seriously, great job.

  12. Siddif Says:

    WOW that is amazing, on the zoomed out view it looks just like the original map from the game, you wouldnt even know it was a stitch till the zoomed in view.

    I saw your zelda map too it was amazing too.

    I never knew nintendo and cross stitching could be so closely related lol but i does work well for the pixelated feel.

  13. Cross Stitch Mario 3 World 2 Map! — Sprite Stitch Says:

    […] world one map wasn’t enough…the cross stitch ninja needed another huge massive project to work […]

  14. half jack Says:

    Oh man, I haven’t cross-stitched in AGES but I’m tempted to get started again now, I might even want to do something as epic as a complete World 5 map. Someone’s got to make a pattern for each map!

  15. Meagan Says:

    This pic inspires me…I just started x stitching this 2 weeks ago and I was feeling so bummec cause it was slow goings, but seeing this makes me believe I can do it!

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