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  1. I’m in love…
    that’s it.. this aft i’m working on my huge projects!
    thanks for the inspiration!

  2. “im in love”

    normally id say you were probably exaggerating…but, in this case its really that good.

  3. Wow, that’s so beautiful. I’ve never done cross stitch, but now I’m really tempted to do some.

  4. Pixel-Bit

    now that’s what i call… EPIC CROSS STITCHING!


  5. Wow that cross stitch is amazing!

  6. Great! I love this game.
    I felt motivated on my zelda cross stitch!

  7. That looks fantastic! Ooh! What memories this conjures up!

  8. Wow, that’s awesome! I can’t believe it’s stitched! It looks just perfect. 🙂

  9. I NEED this pattern! I have a friend who is looking for it. Can you share?

  10. its not my pattern…gotta ask the elusive cross stitch ninja…send her a message through flickr to try an get it…

  11. Wow, this one gives me some great ideas…gotta finish the one I’m on first though…

    Seriously, great job.

  12. WOW that is amazing, on the zoomed out view it looks just like the original map from the game, you wouldnt even know it was a stitch till the zoomed in view.

    I saw your zelda map too it was amazing too.

    I never knew nintendo and cross stitching could be so closely related lol but i does work well for the pixelated feel.

  13. […] world one map wasn’t enough…the cross stitch ninja needed another huge massive project to work […]

  14. Oh man, I haven’t cross-stitched in AGES but I’m tempted to get started again now, I might even want to do something as epic as a complete World 5 map. Someone’s got to make a pattern for each map!

  15. This pic inspires me…I just started x stitching this 2 weeks ago and I was feeling so bummec cause it was slow goings, but seeing this makes me believe I can do it!

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