Super-Huge Zelda Title Screen Pattern

Published by: johloh

Apparently these ‘wimpy’ cross stitch patterns that I post just aren’t enough for Michael…he wants a super huge zelda title screen pattern…but, can you finish it??

Zelda Title Pattern

Zelda Title Screen Cross Stitch Pattern w/ Color Symbols (huge)

Zelda Title Screen Cross Stitch Pattern B/W Symbols (really really huge)

Zelda Title Screen Cross Stitch Pattern Symbol Legend

by the way…Hiroko has already started hers…so better get stitching fast!!

Hiroko’s Zelda Stitching

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19 Responses to “Super-Huge Zelda Title Screen Pattern”

  1. Robby Says:

    What are estimated dimensions on this?

  2. johloh Says:

    its listed in the legend…

    “Design Area: 18.29″ W x 16″ H ( 256 x 224 stitches )” thats if you do it on 14 count Aida cloth, which is the most common. thats 14 stitches per inch.

    grand total – 57,344 stitches. woo!

    ill be quite impressed if anyone finishes this!

  3. BlindedChimera Says:

    Being a huge Zelda fan, I think I might do this one. It’s not all that much bigger than one of the three projects (two video game ones, and an off the shelf kit) I have going right now (14″x16″, I think is the size), and has far less colors. So, it shouldn’t be all that difficult. I might see if I can find a tan or cream colored thing of Aida, though, rather than do all the background stitches.

  4. johloh Says:

    blinded – yeah finding the right color aida will be key…

  5. Cross stitch ninja Says:

    The patience for something like this is pretty impressive. The biggest project I’ve made this far was about 40 000 stitches, but I’ve had a dream about making this some day:

    It would be cool, but it definitely calls for the right color Aida…

  6. johloh Says:

    ninja – yeah ive considered the same project, would be great…

  7. Auskunft Says:

    Awesome! Thank you for responding so quickly to my request!

    I may just do the ivy rectangle and interior logo. Is that cheating? 😀

  8. johloh Says:

    auskunft – yes its cheating, but its probably what I’d do…

  9. Hiroko Toriu Says:

    It’s too heavy… so I selected pink aida.
    This work is gift for my friend(loves zelda,too). If I finished this pattern,I will stitch demo image(about 7 screens).

  10. Donna Says:

    I love the center logo – a bit too much for my current projects (cute onesies for Baby) but maybe someday I could take a crack at it for my husband – who is also a huge Zelda fan. :)

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  13. Patrick Says:

    This is great and it’s definitely top in my todo list. Is there anyway we could get some of the other Zelda title screens just like this one (Same dimensions and what not)?

  14. johloh Says:

    just email me in a request of exactly what youre looking for and I can fix it up…try to be specific (more than just ‘other’ zelda screens)

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  18. Holly Says:

    fabulous job on the pattern! im gonna try and crochet it (2dc = pixel??) into an afgan (gulp!). i found your pattern while googling pixel screen shots, and its gonna make my project a lot easier. you rock!

  19. Adrienne Says:

    I can’t figure out how to print it out on more than one page (so it’s big enough to see the squares)…any help?

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