Sunday Roundup- Sept ’13

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We are in the midst of a Mini-Swap, and 50 people signed up! I thought I’d take this opportunity to show off some of the awesome gifts that have been received so far.

funkymonkey made these for Philpepe:

sfxbecks made this for Icockitt:

Caslzelda made several gifts for Ellentje:

rbaron made sammie_dd these gifts:

MeiTow made gamerwolff 3 bookmarks, and included 2 stickers and a heartwarming book:

Carand88 made natepopinski this gift, stitched on 32-count over one:

megatonabomb made this for La Ptite Bete:

So, that’s 7 awesome and generous gifts so far! Hmm, that leaves 43 to go! I’ll keep you posted… 🙂




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