Sunday Roundup! -July ’14

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Sunday Roundup!

The challenge for July was “Favourite Class.” Our lovely BMH said, “What’s your favourite class? It doesn’t have to be from D&D or FF, it can be from anything you like. Maybe you like Shining Force Bird Knights, or Wizards from Warcraft II. Or maybe you have a few favourites from different games! So, show me your favourite class and in one sentence tell us all why you love it so.”

We had a very definite winner for this challenge. Pyper won by a landslide!

Skill tree

Pyper said, “I took a slightly different interpretation of class, and stitched what would be a typical skill tree for my characters. Any game I seem to drift into a sniper class, either with magic, tech or skills.”

In second place is samarin with this adorable Moonkin:


samarin said, “This was pretty easy for me to pick what to do. I have played World of Warcraft off and on since 2006, and i have always played as a druid. For those who don’t know anything about WoW, druids can shapeshift into 4 different forms – Bear (for tanking), Cat (for melee DPS, like a rogue), Tree (for healing) and Moonkin (caster DPS, mage type, but beefy). Back when WoW first launched, druids were only valid in 40 man groups as healers, they could not do enough damage or tank to justify switching their role. I didn’t care! I have been a Moonkin from the start, and was even allowed to raid as one back in Vanilla…I currently don’t play WoW, and doubt I will ever go back, but my Moonkin druids will always have a special place in my heart.”

And in third place is Miss Clawful with a ninja:


Miss Clawful said, ” While ‘Ninja’ is not my favorite job class typically when playing games such as RPGs, that usually goes to knights or warriors, whomever can wield the strongest weapons and best armor, ninja are still cool and are among my favorites when it comes to platformers, Ninja Gaiden for example and since this is a somewhat common class in RPGs, why not, I’m going to stitch me one for ‘ninja class’…Ryu needs to go back to ninja school.”

Awesome entries, as were the rest of them, so check them out! The ongoing challenge for August is a redo of a former challenge: Silhouettes.

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