Sunday Roundup!- April ’13

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Our challenge was something a bit different this month, so we decided to call it an “event.” It was a sampler stitch-a-long! blackmageheart explains, “ Every week for three weeks I will post the pattern everyone needs. These patterns will be selected randomly from the top 8 as voted for by all of you. Week 4 will be a band of your choice from all the submitted designs, as well as adding your name and the year… So, where’s the alonging part? We’ll all be doing the same basic patterns for three weeks, but feel free to add your own special touches, use different materials and colours, whatever you want to do to personalise your sampler.”

Our first band was Mario Kart, our second band was DDR, and our third band was Journey. Our fourth, of course, was “player’s choice.” Here are only a few of the awesome samplers that came out of this event:

samarin did some amazing Celtic knot work as a border!

gothamknight gave us some cool borders as well!

Ishtar went monochromatic in shades of blue for a very nice effect!

Here is blackmageheart’s. She added real needles to her center heart, along with an amazing border and some sparkling Aida!

And because, why not, here is mine:

It was a great event! This month our challenge is called “A Black Mage Holiday.” Come check it out!

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