Street Fighter 2 Wedding Announcement

Published by: johloh

What can go wrong when you mix a wedding with street fighter 2?

Answer: nothing.

street fighter 2 wedding announcement stitching

If you didn’t notice, Player 1 is Ryu and Player 2 is Chun-Li. so cute.

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4 Responses to “Street Fighter 2 Wedding Announcement”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Love it! My husband and I were going to be Ryu & Chun-Li for Halloween last year lol. Instead we went with Mario & Princess Peach!

  2. Earth_Element Says:

    That’s fab! Makes me a little sad that my dh & I don’t have friends that would fit into that “fun” category when it comes to nuptial gift giving

  3. Street Fighter Wedding Announcement | Hot Blooded Gaming Says:

    […] Street Fighter 2 Wedding Announcement [Sprite Stitch] reddit_url =;reddit_title = Street+Fighter+Wedding+Announcement;reddit_newwindow=’1′;More Stories:Street Fighter Sackboys Coming to Little Big Planet Its been spotted on a few different places that Street Fighter character sackboys are on the way… Tags: chun li, ryu, street fighter 2, wedding […]

  4. geekysuccubus Says:

    My fiancee just squeed. And he NEVER squees.

    Oh. My. God. I so have to make this for him as a wedding present.

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