Sprite Stitch featured in Nintendo Power!

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edit: can someone who has a scanner and an article email it to me?

Sprite Stitch has an article in the June edition of Nintendo Power. Including a picture of Bitter Luigi, and a few quotes from yours truly. The whole thing is quite amusing, I remember reading Nintendo Power as a kid looking for smb3 cheats and secrets…I didn’t even know the magazine still existed until they contacted me for an interview.

Nintendo Power

scans to come as soon as I get near a scanner…

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7 Responses to “Sprite Stitch featured in Nintendo Power!”

  1. Shirley Says:


    I really love your weblog. So many inspirational Nintendo related stuff! I designed a tissue box (cross stitch) with sprites from Super Mario Bros 1. I’ll submit a pattern when I’m done.


  2. robyn Says:


    I was just talking to a friend about cheats and secrets. I don’t play a whole lot of new video games, in part because I get stuck and it frustrates me. I always feel like asking the internet is cheating. I was asking him how we knew where to find all the secret ? boxes and hidden shops in Zelda. Nintendo Power is totally the answer!

    This is my first comment, but I love the blog. I have something Bubble Bobble to submit when I get around to taking a picture of it. :)

  3. tastethehappy Says:

    That’s awesome! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see the spread.

  4. Addis Says:

    I was flipping through my issue, and I spotted your feature! :) Hooray for the cameo!

  5. sgoheen06 Says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see the article! :) Congratulations (I TOLD everyone this was the coolest video game webpage ever!)

  6. johloh Says:


  7. cheese Says:

    The super mario bros 3 is the best game ever!! I have the gba version and i play it on my ds all the time!

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