Samus Aran Quilt

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well, I got a sewing machine for christmas…so, I’m going to have to make a quilt! antijamsect had a pretty cool technique that might make this a little less daunting for those of you scared of little squares of fabric (myself included).

Samus Aran Metroid Quilt 01

the pieces were put together on a fusible quilt grid before they were sewn…sounds like a good technique, the idea of sewing so many squares piece by piece has scared me away from making the jump to quilts…

Samus Aran Metroid Quilt 02

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  1. Actually there is a really easy and simple technique us quilters use 🙂 It’s called strip piecing.
    Here’s a website that explains the technique.

    Not to get all technical lol, but piecing is the actual sewing together of all the fabric. The quilting is the detail stitching you see on the outside (like the one on your grandma’s bed)

    Don’t be scared! Get to it ^_^

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