Retro NES Wii Skin

Published by: johloh

ok, so this isn’t a craft. but, a large part of this site is centered around the nostalgia of classic video gaming…and, I think any classic gamer will appreciate this…

Its a nintendo on its side, wait…its a Wii. I want this.

Retro Wii SKin NES

The only annoying part is how it says revolution on it…

via [video games blogger] via [decalgirl]

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3 Responses to “Retro NES Wii Skin”

  1. Sage Says:

    man that’s old.

  2. Hani Says:

    No I like that it says Revolution… it would have been a much better name imo.

  3. Lem Says:

    If they rotated the top clockwise, and had the grey section run only on the bottom half, horizontal would like like a NES perfectly.

    In my head anyway.

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