Politically Correct Valentine’s Day

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pacman valentine’s day stitching

well, apparently pacman and ms pacman have been branching out from their traditional relationship…time to get started on your valentine’s day stitchings. no idea who made these cross stitches, if it was you let me know so I can give you credit.


link valentine’s day stitching

EDIT: Original stitcher found!! These great stitchings are by kidmissle!


via siliconera–>bits bytes pixels and sprites–>sprite stitch

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  1. Sooooooo cute! I have to make this.

  2. these are incredible, incredible!!!

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  4. Believe it or not, back in the 80s my grandmother knitted me a little Pac-man refrigerator magnet. Who knew that my granny was so hip?

  5. thats awesome, she’s like 25 years ahead of the game.

  6. Heya, a flickr friend pointed me to your site. I made both of these pieces. 🙂 I have several other pictures of my video game pieces hosted there, but they’re currently archived on that account, they should be resurrected this week.

    There are a couple other pictures feature in this article at Destructoid.

    I don’t mind if people use these images as reference to make pieces for themselves or as gifts, just not to sell; 🙂 I’m stocking my etsy shop with these exact designs.

  7. welcome kid missle! its nice to find out who’s responsible for this great work, I hate it when other bloggers don’t give credit…

    awesome work, I cant wait to see the others that are archived!

    (edited main post)

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  11. Manga Panda

    Wow. Politically Correct Pac-man is awsome!!

  12. Hi

    As a fresh http://www.spritestitch.com user i only want to say hi to everyone else who uses this forum B-)

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