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  1. Superhedgehog64

    Dude, cracking shoes man, where could I get a pair of buba kicks at, hook me up man, plez

  2. AWESOME! do you think yu could ship those out in manitoba canada? PIKACHU!!

  3. u would love to have a few pairs made how long does it take

  4. Can you email me? I have 2 boys they would love these for Christmas. .thanks!!!

  5. Plez I want those Pikachu ones where can I get them Nike?

  6. Sarah Spillman

    How much for a Pikachu???

  7. I need the charmander
    Contact me at
    I will lay whatever I need them

  8. tonya owens

    i would like to get my grandson a pair of Pikachu .Please let me know how to order them .

  9. Waterteainer09

    Omg please tell me you have them in youth. I’d like a pair asap!

  10. Wesley Atkins

    Email me on how I could buy a pair please!

  11. Brandon Reid

    Hi can you make any other ones I would love a swampert or mega swampert pair

  12. Christopher

    I would like to know about these shoes if there are for sale thank you

  13. Hello
    Where can I get the pikachu shoes? There awesome!

  14. How can i get a pair?

  15. Stephanie

    Please i want the pikachu ones so bad! pikachu is my favourite pokemon of all time! I have a pikachu onesie a pikachu key chain etc. I would love to have those shoes! please please please!

  16. Luke Cully

    Is there a way I could buy these??? This look awesome and want to buy a pair.

  17. Luke Cully

    Is there a way I could buy these??? These look awesome and I want to get some.

  18. Dovonna Cruz

    …my son would like a pair of these kicks. Tell me where I can get em pls

  19. I need to buy now!!!

  20. Where do you get them pal bevause I have a younger bro who would just die fir these 😊😊

  21. Yo where can I buy these?

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